How to prevent blackheads

A proper daily hygiene is crucial to not appear black spots. Don't forget to remove makeup you every night and apply some specific tonic for this problem
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Annoying black spots that appear on the face are not a problem unique to adolescents, these can occur at any age and are simply an accumulation of fat or dead cells, which clog the pores of the skin, and due to the contamination of the environment, these clogged pores take a dark color, which leads to pimples or blackheads.
To avoid these inconveniences, there are some very simple tips that you can put into practice right now and probably in your face never will be a black dot. If you already have some of these troublesome points and you've not been able to do away with them, we have some very effective solutions that will help you improve the appearance of your skin.

Washing the face

This is the most effective and simple way prevent blackheads on the face: wash it daily with a good antibacterial soap and warm water. It is important to note that then an exercise that caused sweating, it should seek a good shower of warm water, so that your face is free of any bacteria that could lead to the emergence of a black dot.

Clean makeup

Any type of makeup that is used, in addition to creams, blockers, suntan oils and lotions, can cause the pores become clogged and, therefore, there is the appearance of some annoying black spots. For this reason is very important before bedtime will thoroughly clean the face using a good special cream to remove the makeup. You should immediately wash very well face with anti-bacterial SOAP we recommend above, also you can use a tonic especially for cleansing the face, this should be applied smoothly and in the form of circles using a clean cloth or a cotton ball.

Protective creams

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The skin is completely exposed to the pollution present in the environment, so a good idea is to apply some creams that can effectively protect the face against these factors that are inevitably found in air. A good sunscreen can be a natural-based sandalwood, which has great moisturizers, in addition to being a germicidal properties, which can be of great help when it comes to some pollutants arise.

Use facial masks

There are some masks that are very effective for deep cleaning, which benefits the face in an amazing way, since prevents all kinds of impurities to form on the face. Masks can be applied two or three times a week and can be as simple as simply applying honey and let stand 20 minutes before removing with warm water.
Another mask very recommended to remove and prevent blackheads is to mix yogurt with grated orange peel, which is applied on the face and leave for ten minutes, after which rinse with cold water.

Exfoliate your skin with oatmeal

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A mixture of oatmeal with rose water and make a soft massage on the face, it is left to act for five minutes. First rinsed with warm water and then cold, blackheads are reduced in this way.
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