How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

The movement also plays a very important role in preventing the appearance of stretch marks. You try to use cold water when you shower you to also prevent varicose veins or cellulite
Cómo prevenir las estrías durante el embarazo
One of the aesthetic issues that most affect women after pregnancy are stretch marks that appear in all those parts of the body which have varied in size in a few months. In the majority of cases, the skin does not have enough elasticity to adapt to the different measures and, as a result, appear unsightly marks.
In this article you will learn how you can address this issue from the moment in which you know that you are pregnant, with a full and natural treatment that you can make at home easily.

Nourish skin

Do women do not stretch despite having not applied creams appear to? Genetics plays an important role. However, there are women who have a well moisturized skin because they consume on a regular basis those foods that provide the nutrients you need to be firm and elastic. In this way, skin adapts easily to changes of temperature and size, is more protected against the sun rays, etc.
How do we feed our skin?
  • With foods rich in Silicon, a mineral that favors the creation of collagen: beet, potato, ponytail, alfalfa, green leafy plant and integral cereals.
  • With foods rich in essential fatty acids, which provide us beneficial for skin fats: vegetable's first pressure in cold (coconut, flax, wheat germ), avocado, seeds and raw nuts oils.
  • With foods rich in vitamin C, which improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin: citrus, raspberry, strawberry, papaya, peppers, acerola, etc.

Hydrate from outside

There are women that gives much laziness hydrate the skin of the body, while others do every day with specific creams. During pregnancy we recommend you to be constant from the beginning and even the subsequent months.
  • A very effective and natural way to hydrate the skin is to use a vegetable oil that we apply just outside the shower, before drying, with a gentle massage all over the body.
  • Then, while we wait for it to absorb, will harness to dry our hair, make-up or anything else we can do at that moment.
  • In this way, the oil is absorbed much better without leave oily skin.
  • We put on when we are already dry. We will feel a pleasant sensation on the skin.
What oil do we use?
We recommend three oils that you can try, depending on your type of skin, or even mix and used together.
  • Coconut oil: for little dry or mixed skins.
  • Almond oil: for dry skin.
  • Rose hip or argan oil: for very dry, wrinkled and mature.

Homemade Cream

If you don't like the texture of the oil or you find it more comfortable to apply a less oily lotion, I propose this recipe so that you develop homemade moisturizer. Thus will also avoid all those chemicals and petroleum components that include conventional creams.
  • 50 ml of almond oil
  • 10 ml Rosehip Oil
  • aloe vera gel 60 ml
  • 20 drops of vitamin E
How do we make it?
  • Almond and rose hip with aloe vera oils mix well. If we have used aloe vera natural perhaps we will need to use a mixer to dilute the gel well.
  • Then add the vitamin E and mix all ingredients.
  • We will keep the cream in a jar of dark Crystal during a maximum of quinces days in the fridge.

Improve circulation

A skin heals not only must be well nourished inside and hydrated on the outside. Vascular irrigation must be adequate and, during the pregnancy and weight gain, this factor tends to worsen.
To promote the general circulation have a home and economic remedy: the cold water. If we have always showered us with water very hot we can begin to use more warm water and always end with a few jets of cold water.
Although at first it cost a little getting used to, so nice feeling that remains then will make that we encourage us to do so every day.
This remedy helps prevent stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins, and many other issues that are related to the circulation.
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