The best exercises to avoid sagging in the face

In addition to the exercises that we propose, to maintain the elasticity of the skin and prevent sagging and the signs of aging, it is very important to hydrate properly
Los mejores ejercicios para evitar la flacidez en el rostro
Facial flaccidity appears to go by age, since the face muscles lose their strength, and the skin of the face tends to fall down; it may appear on the cheeks, forehead, on the Chin, neck and eyesupper eyelids, but can perform facial exercises to prevent and improve the sagging of the face.


This exercise helps to correct sagging of the forehead; you have to raise and lower the eyebrows, using the muscles of the front of your head, and then, if you can, you should contract the muscles in the back of the head, which causes the ears to move back and forth.


It places the index above each eyebrow and gently pressed down; While you press, it's raise the eyebrows upward. This exercise works the muscles surrounding the eye and helps to tone and strengthen the upper eyelid. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times, several times a day.


Place the Central fingers of each hand on each side of the nose, and with the thumb of each hand, take all the fat as you can from the cheek, tightens and lifts the cheeks towards the eyes. Keep this position and repeat 20 times, at least twice a week. This exercise will help to lift the cheeks.


Place the three central fingers at the top of the cheekbones and placed thumbs lightly on the Chin. Opens the mouth and move the corners of the mouth to the ears as if you were smiling broadly, and r. epite 20 times. This exercise helps to improve the appearance of jowls.
Stand in front of a mirror so you can see work your neck, jaw and throat muscles. Raises the Chin, opens his mouth and takes off the tongue, trying to the tip of the tongue to touch Chin, and hold the contraction with the tongue extended from three to five seconds and then removed the language and turns your head to normal position. Repeat this exercise about five or ten times, several times a day.


Sitting, tilt the head slightly backwards, and press your tongue firmly over the sky of the mouth; low Chin toward the neck and make sure you keep the neck muscle, taut as you raise and lower the head. He repeated about 30 times.
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