Fruits that help you to renew your face

Being rich in vitamin A, the mango adds vitality to our skin, help to regain elasticity and reduces wrinkles
Frutas que te ayudarán a rejuvenecer tu rostro
Keeping the perfect face is the most frequent daily struggle, since with the passing of the years the body and face are losing their tone, so it is necessary to have present various care with the skin so keep it young. Not only the passing of the years age the face, also affect things like: poor hygiene, excessive use of makeup, the use of products without recommendation (that make you suffer and are age), appearance of lines of expression, all kinds of stains and open pores, among other details; for this reason, take care of it is essential because it is the cover letter that is offered to the world. Then meet the best natural products to keep our young face.


Fruits contain high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that are not only fundamental to the body when they are consumed, they also bring great benefits when it comes to be used as masks on the skin. We know the best for this purpose.

Banana or plantain

Fresh bananas
The two are rich in potassium and magnesium, also provide many vitamins to the body that are essential for healthy development. These foods are very effective in the practice of sports, as if the person is fatigued, with physical or intellectual fatigue, they benefit the strengthening and recovery of the body.
With respect to the consumption of bananas for the previous skin rejuvenation, keep in mind that his major contributions are in the maximum amount of vitamin which possesses, such as vitamin A and E, each of these acts as an antioxidant in the body.


Lemon brings in the process of restoration of the skin as it contains high percentages of vitamin C, in addition its high production is available every day of the year in the different markets of the world, making this one of the favorite treatment apart from the versatility in combinations which offers.
The lemon provides not only vitamin C, this can also be applied directly on the skin helping to eliminate pimples, spots, black and other imperfections that produces an oily skin, this potent citrus can intervene favorably. Is not recommended to be exposed to the Sun during treatment, could generate stains by UV rays. And, in addition, your application should not be excessive.


Orange is one of the citrus provides vitamin C the body, helps to keep our bodies healthy and acts on the skin keeping it smooth, also gives basic antioxidants to keep it clean and youthful.
Orange has become one of the beauty products used in recent times when rejuvenate the face it, because it is known for its great contribution of collagen, which helps keep our skin young, thus still too important for cosmetics with its contribution to obtain a smoother complexion.


Papaya is a fruit that has more antioxidants in the market, consumption helps us significantly to improve the digestion and thus eliminate substances that we no longer need, so we get a healthier body in such a way.
All their contributions have to do with a substance that it contains called papain, this removes impurities and dead body cells, and in turn, it retrieves the damaged; If it is applied on the skin are obtained huge profits recovery and removal of dead tissue.

The handle

This fruit is a favorite, as for his large contributions of vitamin A acts directly on the skin, helping it to regain its elasticity and the disappearance of wrinkles, turning it into a great ally of health and those who wish to regain some years in his physical appearance.

Don't forget it!

To maintain healthy skin is also necessary water consumption in abundant quantities, since this moisturizes the skin and clean it of impurities. Also, ideally accompany all this with a good diet along with use of sunscreens, which help us to protect and improve the appearance of the face. All beauty routines require perseverance to achieve major changes, it has to be a process of repetitive and no excuses because only this will provide good results.
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