Goodbye to pain joint: 5 practical tips

Ginger is a remedy used since ancient times to reduce inflammations joint. Its properties are very similar to the ibuprofen
Adiós al dolor articular: 5 consejos prácticos
Sure that you have ever, get up in the morning tired as if would have made a great effort at night, costs you to move your hands and go down the steps feel punctures on his knees. How can relieve joint pain unbearable? We give you simple tips below so that you apply them to your daily.

Tips to relieve joint pain

There are many people who suffer from pain, articulate, a reality that is caused by arthritis, rheumatism, arthrosis... It is true that it is not always possible to completely eliminate the pain and that we must learn to live with it, but what we can do is to follow strategies basic through which, reduce its dsmell and, what is more important: get a better quality of life.
We will always have to follow the advice of our doctors, and not overdo it too with medications such as anti-inflammatories, since sometimes also end up suffering side effects. We assure you that there are simple natural remedies that can serve you much help. Do you want to know them?

1. take ginger daily

Jengibre cabello
A study by the University of Miami says that taking two daily capsules of ginger helps to reduce inflammation of the joints and alleviate pain. In fact, the properties of ginger are very similar to the of the ibuprofen (but not the consequential side effects such as stomach pain, or circulatory risks). These tablets of ginger can also find them at natural stores or in the health food shops, it is normal to take two a day. Anyway, you know that you can also resort to the classic infusion. Grate the equivalent of a tablespoon of the own ginger root, and bring it to a boil with 1 cup of water. Take it in the morning and in the afternoon,

2 beware of certain foods

Takes note of the following foods are going to detail, it is best to remove them or take them very sparingly to be able thus relieve pain joint:
  • Dairy: contains an element called casein which favor the inflammation of the joints. If you're a lover of the milk and yogurts, begins to consider going reducing them for the sake of your health and your quality of life.
  • Red meat: avoid it completely, is not good for health in general and in particular, if you usually have problems in your joints.
  • Wheat:surprised? It is possible. And it is that there are recent studies that tell us that the wheat and many that known element called gluten-containing cereals often ocasionari inflammation in the joints of people who suffer from arthritis solution? reduce this element in your diet to see if by doing so, you can find relief. There are people who do not notice the changes, but there are many who do acknowledge that they have better quality of life to have removed gluten.
  • Eggs: also care for their consumption. And it is that, being an animal product, eggs contain arachidonic acid in their bud, an element that also favors the inflammatory process, and that sometimes makes us feel swollen and sore. It is true that the eggs are very healthy and full of protein, but these animal proteins on occasions bring us unexpected effects.
  • Beware of the Solanaceae: name sounds? When we speak of solanaceous we refer for example to the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants are vegetable cold that can cause skeletal muscle rigidity, favoring sometimes migraines, as well as inflammation to articulate. And it is that everything is a alkaloid called solanine, a compound that can aggravate the inflammation, mostly in people already suffering from the disease. For example the best vegetables you can eat are carrots.

3. do green tea in the morning

Te verde
You a fan of the green tea? Then you're in luck, its polyphenols (antioxidants) have proven to be great allies in preventing and mitigating the effects of the artrosisis and joint pain. So now you know, never forget a glass of green tea in your breakfast.

4. you great ally: vitamin E

vitamina E
You sure you've heard of it, its effects are wonderful to meet the effects of arthritis and it is considered a true drug. The ideal is to take two tablets a day, amounts already come you scheduled in tablets or capsules box when you purchase them in your natural store or at your pharmacy. You know that you can also find vitamin E in vegetables of green leaf, but in order to achieve most always appropriate dose is best to resort to capsules. Secure your pharmacy you can find them.

5 foods that can reduce pain and improve your mood

leche nueces
It is essential to improve our quality of life. And this is achieved with a good diet and nutrients that not only reduce our pain joint, but it will also improve our mood State. would like to know what guidelines follow?
  • Always eat fresh foods. (fruit, vegetables) Say no to food frozen or prepared industrial, since they contain elements that are conducive to our inflammation joint.
  • Dried fruits: nuts, almonds, pistachios... give us energy and are very healthy.
  • Lemon juice: provides us with antioxidants, and is very suitable if we take for example the mornings.
  • Cod liver oil: a classic, thanks to its rich in omega-3 oils, has shown that it is very effective for all those who suffer problems joint. So please include your diet teaspoon daily.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar: simply perfect. It relieves pain and is highly recommended for our health.
  • Grains of quinoa and amaranth: have you ever tried them? they are a super-food, wonderful beads will bring you great benefits for your health and that day will be relieving also your pain joint.
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