Dogs can recognize their owners face

Los perros pueden reconocer la cara de sus dueños
By some recent studies it has been established that dogs can actually identify the faces of their owners and other dogs that are familiar. This ability to recognize facial features thought exclusive people and some primates, but never thought that dogs could have such power.
In reality for many years know that the face and eye contact may perhaps be the most important act that may be between a person and their dog. This possibility has been studied for a long time, but by a new study that used the tracking of the movements of the eyes, evaluates the capacity that can have the dogs recognize facial features.

How was this 'ability' in dogs?

To conduct this study using eye movements that are dogs, were assessed as they were displayed on a computer screen some photos of people and dogs, these photographs were including those of their owners and other dogs that may be from the same family, they are interspersed with images of other people and dogs unknown to the animal.
During the study, it was observed that dogs were stopping to contemplate the face of people and other dogs that were more familiar, more closely while leaving passing strangers images without paying them more attention, which indicated without a doubt that they could recognize the familiar faces.
Pastor Aleman
To ensure the success of this study trained dogs that remain quiet while showing them images, similar to that carried out this significant test in an independent and relaxed manner. It seems that the objective could be fully, since the dogs seemed to enjoy the activity.
Dogs were not trained for what was so I could recognize the faces that had to observe, so the results were very categorical in that dogs have the natural ability to distinguish and to establish differences between factions that were each one of them, it is more, the researchers came to the conclusion that may have capabilities equal to or at least very similar to those of the person to find the differences between the faces of each person.

They recognize humans, but are more interested in their peers...

Another discovery that researchers in terms of capabilities that these intelligent have made animals differentiate the faces of the people, was that they prefer to see pictures of other dogs, regardless of whether they are known or not. Dogs that were in the study stopped look carefully at people and spent much more time staring, longer images of other dogs.
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