The 10 best anti-aging foods.

Blueberries have antioxidant effect and are rich in polyphenols, which neutralize free radicals and prevent premature ageing.
Los 10 mejores alimentos antiedad.
If you carry out a balanced and balanced diet ensure that your body operates in the best conditions. In addition, nourish your body properly will be also reflected on the outside, wearing a more jovial and fresh look.
All harmful habit will be able to give an aged appearance much faster, the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, poor diet, among others, They will slowly deteriorate your body. So if you want to look young for longer read this article where you find out yourself what are the best foods and habits to achieve this.
Foods with antioxidant properties are the most important, because they prevent free radical damage to cells of our body avoiding premature aging of tissues.

What are foods with antioxidant properties?

Foods that we mention then contain large amounts of antioxidants as well as other positive effects for our health we will be mentioning. Take them into account and enjoy the multiple benefits offered, you will achieve a healthy body inside and out.


El ajo contiene entre sus ingredientes dos productos principales que se encargan de actuar en favor de la salud, se trata de la alicina y el sulfuro dialilo.
Garlic contains among its ingredients two main products that are responsible for acting in favour of health, about allicin and diallyl sulfide.
In addition to its antioxidant properties, garlic helps strengthen the immune system and prevent certain types of cancer.


It has lots of vitamins, depurative and anti-cancer properties.


They help to reduce cholesterol, prevent infections.

Green tea

It protects the heart, reduces body fat .


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Be attributed to effects antibiotics and painkillers.


They have diuretic, depurative, anti-tumor properties.


They provide a large number of vitamins, it is a mild laxative , prevent some types of cancer.


High content of vitamin C, protects the arteries and in consequence of the heart health.


Great source of protein, fiber, vitamins and essential minerals.


It has high magnesium content. It acts as a natural regulator of mood, improves concentration.
All these foods have the ability to avoid the degeneration and death of cells. Directly fighting agents harmful to our body. Although, of course, they alone may not with the responsibility. Teamwork is needed to obtain the best results, in this case avoiding premature effects of the passage of time.
Always balanced diet must be accompanied by a good hydration and physical exercises, only in this way the body you will be able operate optimally, absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste efficiently. So you know, constancy and regularity will result in a healthy body with a fresh and youthful appearance. And as youth reflected much on the skin you should remember some tips to take care of her every day.
Prevents the above exposure to solar rays. Although you do not go with intentions of Tan you should use sunscreen and similarly in cloudy days, consult your doctor about the recommended for your type of skin protection factor.
Get used to hydrate your skin and never sleep without you removing the makeup. Creams that you use should always be according to your type of skin. For cleansing your face it is used be possible specific soaps for that zone, face products are specially formulated to remove dirt without damaging it. The removal of dead skin cells is also required, exfoliates the skin of your face and body at least twice a month.

Other tips...

Gelatin is another very good option to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Collagen its main component is extremely beneficial to look young any longer. Hair, nails, muscles, and tendons would be too empowered by consuming gelatine usually.
Avoid tobacco, this will not only damage your lungs but also give you a look of older, your whole body skin will be dry, with more evidence on the face, you premature wrinkles, even more marked than in people are non-smokers. The skin of smokers is not properly oxygenated by which the same nutrition will be very affected.
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