Honey and Apple Cider vinegar to end insomnia naturally

Sometimes own tiredness doesn't let us reconcile the dream. In those cases, honey can help reduce fatigue and promote serotonin production for better sleep
Miel y Vinagre de Manzana para acabar con el insomnio de forma natural
Insomnia occurs when, for any reason, natural sleep patterns are altered. This leads to the difficulty sleeping properly or not remain asleep enough to feel fresh, relaxed and revitalized the next day.
People who suffer from sleep disorders, such as insomnia, often seek desperately a remedy. And unfortunately, in that pursuit often resort to medications that often have unpleasant side effects. However, there are some natural treatments that are effective for insomnia, but without the unwanted consequences of certain drug products.

How do you rest at night?

Insomnia sufferers typically experience daytime symptoms such as fatigue, mental fatigue, inability to concentrate and lack of energy. It is important to know that waking up several times at night is insomnia also considered.
Are two kinds of insomnia: acute and chronic. The first is timely, tough little and normally comes motivated by a special situation that causes us stress or anxiety. The second is maintained over time and is really a call of alarm to another different problem.
The remedies of "Grandma" that have been used for hundreds of years are perfect and do not have any contraindication. Then we tell you what are the most interesting:

Honey, an ally for sleep

Since always, honey has been used to solve problems or sleep disorders. In fact, the Chinese already used it in ancient times. What happens is that honey has some components that help and encourage sleep naturally. According to studies, its content in omega-3 fatty acids, can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Many times commented: "I'm so tired that I am unable to sleep". Why the State of relaxation is so important before they had to rest.
Sugars containing honey come up naturally and healthy our insulin levels and produce serotonin, which is the hormone that improved us mood and relaxes us. It is clear that if we are relaxed and happy sleep comes quickly and is maintained throughout the night.

Vinegar against insomnia

The first who discovered the properties of Apple Cider vinegar were the Greeks, who used it also as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant.
Apple cider vinegar free tryptophan, a substance that can be transformed into serotonin and which as we have said before, promotes physical fitness in generated l and avoids that we feel so tired that we can not get to sleep.

A relaxing bath

Do you want to know another resource is good for before going to bed? As you should know that nothing more relaxing tea hot while you get yourself into a bathroom. Just take a cup of tea of herbs such as Chamomile, passion flower or Passiflora, valeriana, while taking a bubble bath with a couple of drops of oil of herbs.

A sedative and natural beverage

If we combine the three ingredients that we have just mentioned, no doubt we will get a beverage with relaxing properties and most importantly, natural.
The preparation is very simple; simply prepare your favorite herbal infusion (those mentioned above are indicated for insomnia) and add two tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar and two tablespoons of honey. Stir well and enjoy this wonderful relaxing tea.
And now... to rest!
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