Dont you sleep well during the night?

¿No duermes bien durante la noche?
If you are having trouble sleeping, it may be due to different reasons. Therefore, be sure to read the following article to find out what may be causing insomnia or certain alterations in the rest. Remember that getting enough sleep is vital to not get sick, replenish energy and feel more vibrant every day.

While it is true that the dream is a big mystery to scientists and researchers, it is gradually will to know new aspects about how sleep can affect or modify our everyday life. Sleep well is a key pillar for our health. This means that both rest of more of less can have adverse consequences.
However, the lack of sleep is more frequent than the excess. Doctors have revealed that not getting enough sleep every day, spending many nights in sailing and wake up several times a night can have serious effects on our bodies and minds.

What causes lack of sleep?

If you do not sleep between 6 and 8 hours a day, these are some of the consequences:
  • Weakening of the immune system (more diseases or problems to cure certain diseases).
  • Acceleration in the growth of tumors (two to three times faster)
  • Development of a prediabetic State, which produces hunger when it finishes just eat and also overweight and obesity.
  • Involvement of memory, impact on the ability to think clearly, memorize information, etc.
  • Changes in physical and mental performance problems to solve problems or to respond to certain stimuli.
  • Lower production of melatonin, a hormone antioxidant that has the capacity to combat, for example, cancer.
  • Increased levels of stress, which can bring as a result other problems such as heart disease, ulcers in the stomach, constipation, depression.
  • Premature aging by an imbalance in the growth hormone that serves to make you feel and look younger and healthy.

How to improve the habits of rest

To avoid all the consequences of sleep deprivation identified previously it is necessary to change certain habits in your day to day:

Sleeping on a good dark site

A bit of light (such as a lamp or on television) can alter the internal or biological clock, as well as the production of the hormones serotonin and melatonin. Up to the brightness of the clock on the nightstand affects some people sleep. Closes the bedroom door, turns off all the lights, put blinds or dark curtains, flip clock and, if necessary, use a mask.

Keep the temperature of the room less than 21° C

During the winter we tend to have too high heating and that is not good if we have some sort of sleep disorder. That is also more difficult to us to lift in the morning. The optimum to rest properly temperature is around 20° C at any time of the year. If the room is very cold as hot produce alterations for sleeping, since at that stage in the body temperature. If the environment is cool it will mimic bodily grades fall.

Pay attention to electromagnetic fields

These may affect the functioning of the pineal gland and the production of the hormone melatonin and serotonin, among other adverse effects. Electromagnetic fields are produced by electronic devices that we have in the room (phone, computer, TV), as well as those who are also in the House (internet modem, microwave though it is not in use) and antennas of telephony or cable television. At least unplug the appliances that you surround, not let them even in stand-by (with red or blue point). Away two-meter mobile and watch from your bedside.

It prevents the alarm clocks that are very noisy

The classic sound of the alarm clock is not suitable for any person. Search for sounds that are more enjoyable, which will increase its volume gradually, with soft music, such as classical, for example. Do not put very loud sounds, nor a radio station or a music style of heavy metal. This is very stressful for the body and the mind. Raise your stress levels from early in the morning and will make you feel in a bad mood or with headache all day.

The bed is for sleeping

Many people make the mistake of bringing different devices and tasks to bed. For example, work, study, eat, etc. There are very few activities permitted for this important furniture from your House and all should be pleasurable. For example, reading is a good exercise for falling asleep, when reading is fun and does not include anything work or academic.

Sleeping in single rooms

Latest research suggests that people who sleep alone (no people or pets on the side) rest much better than those who share your room with other beings. This is due to sleep or insomnia, nightmares, snoring, get up early in the morning to go to the bathroom or drink water or night movements can seriously affect our rest, especially if we are light sleep. Considers the possibility of sleeping in beds separated with your partner or not to allow your dog to sleep in the same room as you.

It respects the schedules to lie down and get up

If you always go to bed at the same time and get up at the same times each day, your body will be following a planning or some rhythm. Sometimes you can change it (with some event in particular), but that is an exception and not the rule. Is going to bed before 11 o'clock because until 1 in the morning is the more recover energies.
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