Is it possible to avoid belching?

To avoid belching we must avoid foods that produce us gases, chew well and adopt healthy food habits.
¿Es posible evitar los eructos? ¿A qué se deben?
The burps are actually very common, frequent and normal, what happens is that you should not do in public, since it is an act of very bad education, as well as unpleasant. Burping are the result of a bad digestion, eating too fast and without well chewed food, in addition to swallow lots of air while we eat, but these situations undoubtedly have solution. We know a little more.

Recommendations for avoiding the belching

  • Are you must eat slowly, chewing all foods very well. If possible, try to introduce small portions to the mouth.
  • You should avoid the consumption of soft drinks, beer and other foods that contain too much gas.Soda
  • Control the consumption of foods such as: garlic, onions, chocolate, sprouts, cabbage, apricot, prunes, spicy foods, beans, lentils and other legumes, as they tend to cause flatulence, generating therefore unpleasant belching.
  • Try by all means to reduce or avoid situations causing stress, since persons with stress are very likely to suffer from stomach problems, such as poor digestion, which can cause many intestinal gas, resulting in burping and gas. Likewise, people with stress are - usually - very nervous and tend to eat very fast, without taking into account the due process of chewing, which helps them to "swallow" air, being one of the most common causes of belching.
  • Take infusion of peppermint or Chamomile tea after the main meals can be a very effective measure to reduce burpingas well as charcoal water. To make this tea just is to boil a cup of water to which is added one or two carbons, cover and let stand for 15 minutes, strain and drink immediately. This preparation will help reduce the feeling of fullness and avoids the belching.

Do not forget...

Rapidez al comer
In short, to avoid intestinal and therefore gases continuous belching, most importantly be careful with foods that cause us these situations; Once the best have been identified will be to avoid them. In addition, we must adopt certain habits of good conduct to eat, since if we eat very fast, talk a lot while we eat, not chewing long enough or consume more foods that we really need, we are left with discomfort by the excess food, generating indigestion and fullness. These are situations that are going to cause many and bothersome belches, which will be very unpleasant each for both the people who are close.
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