How to check the freshness of an egg in just 3 seconds

Cómo comprobar la frescura de un huevo en tan solo 3 segundos
There is nothing better than enjoying some fresh eggs for breakfast or dinner. The egg is a very healthy food that should be frequently included in the diet to bring our body all their benefits. Although the eggs can last for some time, there is nothing better than to buy them fresh and consume them in the shortest possible time to take advantage of its benefits.
Eggs over fresh and high quality that we can buy are, without doubt, which acquired directly in a farm. Although it is now very easy to get eggs in the market, these don't tend to be as fresh as they seem, since industries subjected them to some techniques to prolong its freshness and to have more time to market them. For example, some eggs are subjected to partial freezing and storage in cold for weeks, until companies could lead them to shops and supermarkets.
While the old eggs are suitable for human consumption, they tend not to keep the delicious taste of fresh eggs and cooking them it will not be as perfect as we hope. But, How to tell if eggs are fresh?

Julian date

In the industry of eggs from the United States and other parts of the world, cartons of eggs must have printed a series of numbers ranging from 000 to 365. This is known as Juliana date and it indicates the time that the eggs are cleaned and packed in cardboard box. For example, if the carton is printed with 000, it means that the eggs are from January 1, on the other hand, if you have the number 213 means that they packaged on 2 August.
That date is accompanied by another number which is the indication of maturity, time limit to sell the eggs to the consumer. For example, a carton of eggs stamped with the numbers 015 February 28 means that eggs are from January 15, but on the market they can sell them until February 28, i.e., a month and a half later.
Who would like to buy eggs for more than six weeks if you can get fresh eggs? Surely, no one.

The test of flotation of eggs

Not always have the carton of eggs to check its freshness through date, there is an alternative that can help us to check what so cool is the egg that we consume.
The test involves placing the egg carefully in a cup of water. If the egg is fresh it will sink and remains in a longitudinal plane at the bottom of the Cup.
How much older is the egg, the more will float in the water. This is because that, as time goes on, the egg is losing water through the pores in the shell, causing a decrease in weight and also an increase of air on the inside of the egg.

Why is it so important to consume fresh eggs?

As is the case with any other food, how much fresher, better tasting and more nutrition. However, when buying eggs, many people ignore what so fresh may be that, at first glance, they may look very fresh by having undergone conservation techniques such as low temperatures.
The results can be noticed one time to prepare the eggs in house and you notice that they do not have the same flavor and color than a fresh egg. Fresh eggs will always give a more pleasant taste, will have a darker color of yolk and white can easily be separated from the yolk without having a mixture of both.
Egg contains carbonic acid dissolved in the white and yolk. With the passage of time, this acid is lost through the pores in the shell in the form of gas, causing an increase in the pH that has effects like:
  • Consistency of egg loss.
  • The yolk is decentring.
  • It increases the repulsion between proteins of the clear, making this lose color as time passes.

Is it recommended to wash the eggs?

For any reason it is recommended to wash the eggs, since these practices may weaken or damage the shell, which acts as a protective barrier that prevents the entry of microorganisms. To wash the egg cuticle, which is attached to the shell preventing bacteria from reaching the inside of the egg is weakened. Therefore, wash the eggs could increase the risk of be affected by some microorganism.
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