The importance of caressing in our relationships

La importancia de las caricias en nuestras relaciones afectivas
Physical contact is essential in human development. And not only that, if the strokes are basic for evolution of the newborn, equally important are in our relationships, there where we reinforced the affection, lowering stress and strengthen ties and intimacies. You will learn everything then.

Fondling: displays of affection and of creation of the link

There is a curious study that clearly reflects the great importance of the strokes for the development and growth of the human being. It was an analysis conducted during the 1980s in various orphanages around the world, scenarios where according to the social investment and the policy carried out by each country, attended in a way correct or less correct children collected there.
It was that infants who did not receive much attention in the orphanages, simply left crying because they had deduced that their cries wasn't anything. Children who grew without too much physical contact, no caresses, kisses, hugs and support from a family, were much more likely in adults suffer some form of mental illness, and even criminal.
Thus, we must admit that human contact, and in essence, the expression of love through caressing, are essential to enable people to build his personality, feel loved and secure, so establishing a link with our peers, where to learn to be happy and also learn to turn to love and respect.
So maybe it is clear to us that affection, shown with caresses, is as important as the food.

The importance of the caressing in the couple's relationship

Are many people who don't know how to express feelings or emotions. Or that his personality, or his education, prevents them from to show your affection in open and sincere manner. They expect others to do, while they displayed certain coldness or distance. A behavior distorted that it can cause serious problems at the level of partner, and also at the family level with children.

But do what relevance the caresses to strengthen our relationships?

1. Firstly, will address the chemical issue. People, although it costs believe are a wonderful and sophisticated conglomerate of chemical effects that bring their magic to our emotions. It is thus in this way as a simple caress, provokes immediately to be segrege oxytocin, the hormone of happiness and pleasure. It makes us feel good, it is good and pleasant.
2. at the emotional level, a caress is a symbol of affection. Sometimes a gesture is much better than a Word. A caress says doubling the intensity of a phrase, because us is more honest, less false... more exciting.
3. reduces stress. Something as simple as a caress, reduces our blood cortisol levels, us relaxes and falls immediately the stress and anxiety. One of the most effective ways that have the strokes at the level of partner, is the fact to act as a catalyst for the resolution of conflicts. After a dispute, after a discussion, a single touch can calm the situation. The meaning that contain these simple gestures, are something very ancient and intense in the human being. We feel loved and comforted. Nothing could be more pleasant and sincere.
4. couples who do not caress, are likely to break their relationship. It is easy to understand. There may be moments to sexuality, but every day if they do not occur these moments of intimacy and complicity, linkages between two people are not so intense and sincere. There is no closeness... and therefore gradually the relationship can be cooled.
5. healthier, happier and more with a stronger bond, couples have good communication, one on the other, commitment, respect and a sincere affection which is shown daily on the need for closer from the other, and above all by running this wonderful language hidden in the caresses as the basis for their effectiveness , in hugs... Remember, that for human beings is as important as love food. That gives us balance, which makes us feel safe and respected. With the strength to face the world and enjoy that everyday happiness.
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