Benefits of napping

Los beneficios de dormir la siesta
When we are children we tend to NAP every day way "forced". In many cases, that moment of the afternoon we relate to the grandparents or the field life. However, increasingly multinational companies that allow employees to rest after lunch, to then confront better the obligations prior to going home. You know what are the benefits of napping.

Interesting facts about NAP

  • A small rest serves to recharge your batteries, be in a better mood and "go out to conquer the world", why is that some companies such as Google, Nike, AOL and The New York Times give a space to employees so they can sleep the siesta in the office. They have to do this in a room with armchairs or up to bed to rest a while.
  • According to research from the University of California, a NAP for an hour is sufficient for short term memory "overwinter", thus helping to learn more things after waking up.
Dormir bien
  • After the meal, we have more desire to sleep and that is inevitable for more than you take three cups of coffee. The two phases of fatigue that goes through the body are developed between 1 and 3 p.m. and between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning. Although you saltees you that food (something which is not recommended), the body will decrease their levels of attention and alert in those time slots. If after eating it feel that your eyes are closed and you can not concentrate, it is because in addition, the greater amount of activity is focused in your stomach to make the digestion.
  • Sleeping 60 minutes we can improve the alert level up to 10 hours at a time. If we sleep 45 minutes pass through a State of "sleep inertia", i.e., the feeling of never have woken up completely. So, preferable one NAP time to 15 minutes less and walk "like a zombie" until the night.
  • If you want to sleep less you can drink a coffee and immediately go to bed. The effect of caffeine in the body takes between 20 and 30 minutes, and there is when you lift up full of energy.
  • According to a study by NASA, a 26-minute NAP (one more or one less) is able to increase up to a 35% performance and 55% your level of alertness to the awakening.
  • Although you try to sleep, can not, you don't get up and continue with your activities. The only lie down and close my eyes already is beneficial for you, since it decreases the pressure, nerves and anxiety.
  • It is proved that a NAP offers great benefits for the brain, raising alert levels, helping to make the tough decisions, improving creativity and sensory perception.
  • An investigation said that sleep after noon NAP takes you a 30% chance of dying from heart disease. This is because it lowers blood pressure and slows the heartbeat.
  • Among the brightest "minds" of history, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Napoleon and Winston Churchill slept the siesta on a daily basis. And speaking of geniuses, Salvador Dalí took the NAP as a "booster" of his work. All of his most important works were made in the afternoon, once it awoke from its resting in an armchair in front of a canvas.
  • On the other hand, the vast majority of mammals (like humans) sleep in different periods each day. People fight against nature to not taking a NAP, so is that we are so tired in the evening and night, focus and attention costs us, we become more angry, and experienced a great desire to go to bed.
  • Other data that draw attention in relation to NAP is the world's most productive Nations have adopted it with very positive consequences. One of the examples is Japan. While most Westerners fear seem lazy by taking a NAP, the Japanese have overcome that barrier. Toyota spokesman at its headquarters in Tokyo reported that when workers sleep during your lunch hour they think will be 100% to pay for the afternoon.
  • The latest research at the universities of Harvard and New York proved that a short NAP in the afternoon serves to "reset" the brain, improving significantly the memory and learning, as well as humor.

Tell me how many minutes sleep and I'll tell you what improvements

  • If you take a NAP for 10 to 20 minutes go your energy levels and you'll be more alert, since you will not get to a deep sleep. It is easier that you wake up without feeling drowsy.
  • If you take a NAP for 30 minutes, when you wake up you will feel with a numbing feeling, reminiscent of the hangover. These effects last only half an hour more, until you start to experience rest.
  • If you take a 60-minute NAP will improve memory and procesarás more information, since it implies a deep sleep. When you wake up you will need more time to mind you and return to your activities.
  • If you take a 90-minute NAP will realize the full sleep cycle, including the rapid eye movement (REM for its acronym in English), also you can dream of. This is very good for memory, creativity and emotional responses.
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