Natural remedies for shoulder pain

Remedios naturales para el dolor de hombros
All pain, as usual, alters your tranquility and peace. Shoulder pain is no exception, and it is that this joint can be affected easily since it is the greater mobility of the entire human body. The great movement that may have this part of our body is because you have a group of four tendons that lead as the name of the rotator cuff.
These small tendons are supremely sensitive to any sudden change that you may suffer. For this reason, that must be aware if you suffer any anomaly in this part of your body.
Be swollen, bone damage or have pain around the sleeve may be sign that something does not go well on your shoulder. If you pass something of what you have mentioned above, we recommend that you practice some of the natural remedies that give you then.


If you have severe pain in your shoulder, the first thing you should do is to suspend any type of movement, since otherwise, you can make things worse, causing you even injury. Since cold is inflammatory, can apply over your shoulder ice cubes, 3 times a day, each one of more or less 15 minutes. This will help lessen your pain.

Infusion of Chamomile

Chamomile flowers are great to improve any type of joint pain. What you should do is put to boil a moderate amount of these plants in a litre with water, once it has boiled, cover it and leave to gradually decrease the temperature.
When this happens, you apply you the water of Chamomile in the form of wipes on the affected part, this can be done once after 24 hours you've applied ice for the last time.

Olive oil

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Olive oil is also one of the best natural desinflamantes . With this oil you can do very gentle circular massage in the affected area, you will see how quickly reduces pain and swelling!

Cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves are another effective natural remedies to cure your shoulder pain. These leaves are a soothing natural and inflammation by nature. You have to do is crush the leaves and place them with bandages so they hold for a while.


The heat can also serve a lot, what we recommend is to place a heat pad or heat gel pad, and this can temporarily numb the pain in your shoulder. Although it is not a definitive cure, could be helpful in a case of emergency.
It is important to have in mind that it is essential to consult your doctor in case that shoulder pain persists. There are also rehabilitation exercises that you can practice yourself with extreme caution, and this will not only help to ease your pain, but also to generate movement in the joint, as If the shoulder is left completely still for a long time, can become rigid, and there would be very painful to move it. If nothing serious, not what is causing your discomfort, some of the following exercises will remove you your discomfort in an effective and definitive.
  • Circulate General movements in way back forward very smoothly. This will help your shoulder wasn't static and the pain is less strong.
  • Stretch the forearm of the sore shoulder in and out. In addition to up and down.
  • Also can support the injured shoulder hand gently on a surface flat, a table can serve as flat.
We hope that remedies or exercises mentioned above will be your help. But don't forget that enduring the pain you should consult your specialist's confidence.
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