How to grow a ginger plant in your nome

Cómo cultivar una planta de jengibre en el interior de tu casa
Ginger is a root of Eastern origin, grown mainly in China and India. Now ginger cultivation has spread to all over the world, since their applications in health and gastronomy are truly amazing. Ginger is a plant very easy to grow and, in fact, can be grown in the interior of the House have always at hand this superfood medicinal.
Growing ginger at home is very simple and does not require further efforts. As a result, you'll get this food that will become your ally's health many times. Would you like to learn how to grow ginger in your House?

What you should know before planting ginger

Ginger is a root that grows successfully in places of part shade, by what will easily grow inside your House. Although you can plant it in a pot, you can use a large pot of shallow, that will give you the ideal space to grow properly. The roots will grow horizontally, so keep in mind this when choosing the pot, container or pot in which you wish to plant.
When ginger is already growing, small pieces can be taken without that this is an impediment to their development in the pot. So you can take small doses of ginger to add to your dishes, make smoothies or tea.

How to plant ginger?

Buying ginger, look very good at do not have wrinkles, which is not soft or have mold. Ginger you are going to use must be firm and must have some bud green. If root has several outbreaks, they can be cut and they can be put in different pots for various plants.
It is very important to buy ginger in a place of trust and preferably where products are sold organic. While in the local market there are different sections offering ginger este is not usually as good for the crop, since stores they tend to spray it with a growth inhibitor that prevents germination even if planted in the ground.
In any case, some people have had success growing ginger with a root of supermarket. If you can not get anywhere else, be sure to follow the recommendations and prior to planting it, leave it overnight in water to eliminate pesticides and other impurities.
You'll need to plant ginger:
  • 1 piece of ginger Rhizome.
  • 1 pot or pot of about 40 cm deep and the widest possible.
  • 1 part compost or Vermicompost.
  • 3 parts of ecological land.

How to grow ginger, step by step

  • Step 1: Please soak gingerroot in water warm overnight, so that it is ready for planting.
  • Step 2: Fill the pot or pot with a part of compost or humus earthworm and three parts of ecological land. Keep in mind that the soil should be well aerated and fluffy so you can drain water well.
  • Step 3: Put the ginger root in the Earth, with bud pointing up, and fill with one or two extra inches of Earth.
  • Step 4: Moisten the Earth, but not in excess. Then, place the pot of ginger in a warm place, but without excessive heat.
  • Step 5: Keep the moisture of the Earth constantly.
  • Step 6: The best thing is to keep the ginger during its first stage of development in an area where they receive little light and a temperature of about 20 ° C. It must never be at one temperature less than 10 ° C.
Ginger is a plant of slow growth that requires moderate dose of heat and humidity. From sowing must ensure that the earth remains slightly humid and that the plant is at a suitable temperature.
Last 3 or 4 months since ginger start their growth, already can be harvested some small pieces. For this reason, separates the Earth from the edge a little and there you should find the rhizomes. Cut the required amount and cover again with the earth so that it continues its growth.
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