Is it true that green tea can help me lose weight?

¿Es verdad que el té verde puede ayudarme a adelgazar?
Green tea. We love. Few things are more satisfying than coming home and serve green tea in our favorite Cup. There are who will drink it by simple pleasure, but there are also millions of people consuming it for its great health benefits, and by virtue of to help us lose weight.
Well, what of truth in this claim? Can we trust us really the idea that green tea is one of the best natural drinks to lose a few pounds? Today, let's talk about this.

Green tea, lose weight with health

You are looking for all us when it comes to weight loss is to do it in the healthiest way possible. You know that there are very restrictive diets that what they actually do is reduce the rate of proteins, carbohydrates and of all kinds of fat, without taking into account that our body needs a balance, where do not exclude fatty acids or that level of proteins which allow our body to perform its functions normally.
You have to lose weight with health, knowing take appropriate habits of life and supporting us, moreover, in all these resources which gives us nature, such as green tea. Then, is that this ancient beverage allows us to eliminate those extra pounds it true? Without a doubt, so it is, but is an "ally", should be included in a varied and balanced diet. By itself it will not work the miracle of making us lose weight if we continue eating incorrectly.
We see therefore how helps us to lose weight green tea.

1. a powerful antioxidant

  • Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, able to stop aging premature, protect ourselves against numerous diseases thanks, above all, to its high level of polyphenols. However, it is important to know that, in reality, nature more powerful antioxidant is much higher even than green tea, white tea.

2. Green tea helps speed up metabolism

  • Green tea has as main benefit help us to speed up our metabolism, thus allowing us to burn fat. Catechins are precisely those who make the body into Thermogenesis, producing energy to eliminate those extra pounds.
  • We can not forget that it is an suppressor mild appetite, which makes that we eat less and we arrive at our main meals more easily without having to chop hours.
  • Another interesting aspect is that this ancient beverage is very adequate to prevent high levels of insulin in the blood, peaks addition regulating fat to go also to our cells, while it gradually reduces the rate of body fat.

3. an excellent diuretic and tonic stimulant for the liver

  • Green tea is a wonderful ally to purify our body, to eliminate those toxins present in our blood and our intestines. You are debugging the saturated fat and helps us to eliminate those substances which make us feel swollen, which inflamed our belly through the urine...
  • In addition, green tea is a very adequate tonic to stimulate and reconstitute the pancreas and liver. It helps them in their basic functions and, given its high level antioxidant, acts as a good protector of these organs.

How to I consume green tea to be able to lose weight healthy way?

1. to achieve weight loss with health thanks to green tea, should take three cups per day.
2. your first cup of green tea will take it on an empty stomach and mixed with the juice of half a lemon.
3. Second Cup will take it 20 minutes after the midday meal. Thus, we favor digestion, absorb nutrients better and achieve this that fats are treated and eliminated, without counting in addition which will help us to feel satiated and empty until the next meal. Also remind you that you must never mix green tea with white sugar. The ideal is not to include any sweetener but if you is hard, add a teaspoon of honey (7.5 g).
4. last cup of green tea will take it after dinner. At least an hour and a half before we go to sleep. The reason? We must give time to our Organization to make digestion properly before going to bed.
5. we will notice results within two months, but to do so, remember restrict these foods from your diet:
  • Fizzy drinks or sweetened.
  • Sweets and pastries industry.
  • Red meats.
  • Refined white flour.
  • Sausages.
  • Dairy products with lots of whipped cream.
6 contraindications of green tea
  • You have to be careful when it comes to consuming green tea regularly if you are hypertensive (we cannot forget that it contains protein).
  • We also have to take into account that drinking green tea between meals will prevent properly absorb iron and calcium, so remember to always wait 20 minutes after your meals to quietly consume your green tea.
  • Remind you also that you never exceed the three cups a day of green tea. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous stimulant.
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