How many good is donating blood?

¿Qué tan bueno es donar sangre?
Did you know that blood is unique and irreplaceable? Even though scientists from different parts of the world have tried to reproduce this fluid, they have failed to give our blood with one fully functional which is collectible. This, in part, because its components, particularly cell phones and functional. This means that the blood acquire a great value and more when there are people in the world that his life depends on a transfusion.
Since only men can receive blood from his fellow, in recent years it has been implementing the donation, which is that anyone who meets certain requirements of health, can donate a certain amount of his blood, in order to save the greatest number of lives. In addition to being a deeply altruistic gesture, it is still the only way to preserve a State worthy of life to people with deficiencies in his blood.
Unfortunately, misinformation has been one of the factors that has most influenced many people to be afraid to make this practice. Since you have been creating myths that generate great distrust among potential donors.
If you are one of the people who have some myth, prevention or doubts about this important practice, you then listed some of the most relevant in terms of its topics, so take from there what will convince more and define if you should donate blood or not.

It reflects...

  • If you are one of those who enjoy good health, can do something for those who do not have that privilege: donate blood in safe places.
  • In some countries annually are needed - on average - 1.5000.000 donations; with this good deed, you could be saving at least one or two lives.
  • Blood donation is a gesture full of responsibility and solidarity. You know that you doing good, you can make many people happy?
  • According to several studies 9 out of 10 people at some point in life they will need blood for themselves or any of their family members or close friends.

Myths about blood donation

You must take into account that blood donation should not be only and exclusively when an accident happens or an urgency by serious illness. If you wish to donate, it is better that you do it without worries, this, so that blood can be subjected to tests that require time.

Does blood 'due date'?

Real. Red blood cells last 45 days maximum, 5-day platelets and plasma up to two years.

Donate blood fattening?

False. Donating blood is not fattening. This is one of the myths that most revolve around blood donation.

Can I donate blood every time you want to?

No. Since there are limits in terms of time between one and another donation. Experts recommend that men can donate maximum 5 litres of blood a year, while women should not exceed 4 liters for the same period of time.

Common queries...

All those people who made a tattoo and wish to donate blood, must wait at least a year to perform the procedure.
People who have had hepatitis Yes can donate blood if they suffered this disease before the age of 12. Otherwise, they may not do so.



  • Must be between 18 and 65 years old. Likewise you must weigh at least 50 kilos. No you must have had viral infections in the last week.
  • You can either have had transfusions or surgery in the year prior to the donation. At the time of the donation, the pulse and voltage must be normal.
And you, would you have donated blood recently?
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