How to make candles at home

Cómo hacer velas aromáticas en casa
Candles are no longer used only to when shuts off the light at home, they have become an object of decoration and detail for a room, a room or the bathroom. They help create a warmer environment, they are perfect for a romantic dinner and also to scent any room. In this article you will learn how to make candles at home, easy, affordable and, above all, home.

Candles at home, rather than decoration

You have a candle is more than an object that it is nice over a table or a shelf. It is a symbol of renewal, of light, of purification. These are the most relevant aspects that will give it to candles, seen from a mystical, magical, romantic or meditative angle.
Also said candles to help inspire creativity and imagination, improve concentration, make us to be in a good mood, allow us to connect mind with what you are looking for, have more energy, or relax, according to how we use them.
Briefly, we can say that the candles have a fascinating history. It is a little hard to imagine that something so common today has played such an important role in various cultures (and was not an object of decoration, as you already realize).
According to the evidence, the oldest candle that has been used was a masterpiece of Roman, during the 1st century ad It was made with tallow, an extract of plant origin tasteless and colorless, but also used animal fat. The soldiers, when they were beset by hunger, unafraid to eating candles to feed. In England, several centuries later, the guardians of headlights, when they ran out of food, also the sails ate.
Until recently they were used for illuminating houses, theatres, hospitals or any other environment. And this happened not only in the West, but in Asia they were used in the same way. Everything changed when first the kerosene and then the electricity began to give birth to households at night. It was from that moment (or a little later) when the sails began to have another goal: flavoured environment. Today they are used as furnishing in many houses, where never even turned on.

How to make candles at home?Aromaterapia

Today candles are made of different materials. You can get them in sizes, scents, shapes and different colors, in any shop or market, and also in the fairs it is possible to purchase them. However, is always best to make them at home. Not only because it is a very simple craft, but also because there is nothing more beautiful than what has been done by hand by ourselves.
In addition to using your candles to decorate or use in the home, they will become an excellent gift for someone whom you like very much. It is very easy to make your own air fresheners candles in House. Do you want to know how?
Materials needed:
  • Wax or paraffin (sold in stores to make crafts or in some libraries). The amount depends on how many candles you want to do or their sizes.
  • Coloring the tone you want, according to where you will place them, for who will be the present, etc.
  • A mold (or several) for the form that want you to give to your candles.
  • Aromatic essence. Very careful at this point because, if it is not of good quality, there will be good results. In the same places where you buy paraffin or wax these essences can be achieved. You can choose between aromas of citrus, sweet, romantic, of forest (woody), mystics, etc.
  • A saucepan to melt the wax.
  • A locking rod.
  • Spatula or wooden spoon.
  • Wick (is where the candle is lit, is bought by metro and is inserted in the Middle, leaving a part to make it more simple to burn).
Steps to follow:Aromatizar-la-casa
  1. Heat the wax in the saucepan, slow- to -moderate heat, so it melts well. A good idea is to do it to bathroom Maria (by placing a pan with water and introducing the smallest container with the wax) and stir with a wooden spatula. These elements will be used to make candles, do not use them for cooking! (except the bucket where you placed the water). Other options for melting wax is a casting that is dipped in hot water . The idea is that you remain the paraffin liquid.
  2. When it has cooled a bit, take a few drops of the essence chosen or get mixtures according to what you like. Not too much, because otherwise the aroma will be very strong.
  3. Then you will have a single tone coloring (wax or paraffin is usually buy white or transparent)
  4. Pour the wax melted, flavoured and painted in the molds you have chosen (also can find them in specialized houses). Don't forget to grease the base and the walls of the mold with a drop of cooking oil . Leave an empty part of the mould (filled to 90%, approximately)
  5. To set the wick to the candle you have to tie one end of it to the locking rod, where is the hole (it's like a large needle) and the other end through the hole of the mould. Set the wick with the sealer and cut what above. Remember to leave a little above the candle, to be able to then turn it on.
  6. Let the wax cool. This procedure can take several hours, at least five. It all depends on several factors, such as weather, time of year, moisture, temperature, etc. It is good to keep them fresh sites, which give them Sun and, if possible, dark.
  7. When removing from pan (when the sail is completely solidified), it goes back to the mould and gives small tapping with your finger or a pencil, so you go by removing the air and single detach from mold, without strength and to prevent breakage or break the candle.
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