10 benefits of swimming for health

10 beneficios de nadar para la salud
Without a doubt, swimming is one of the physical activities that human beings are more benefits. This is because swimming to mainly involves the use of body extremities, which has positive effects on our health. Therefore, swim move in a coordinated way all groups, in addition to resistance, being an aerobic sport is improved. So that here are 10 benefits of swimming.

1 slows the aging process

It was found that swimming is a great help in fighting the aging process. Although this is impossible to avoid, swimming can significantly delay its development, helping us to keep us young.

2. help increase our ability to drive

Thanks to the type of activity that must be performed when swimming, our body is more alert, in addition to our ability to drive increases. As we know, swimming means to co-ordinate our limbs and breathing. In addition, swimming helps us to have a better balance and have a more efficient and faster response time.

3 improving memory

Another benefit of swimming is such activity or exercise improve our memory. Among other things, this is due to the breathing exercises that are put in place to swim, which oxygenate improve way the brain, in addition to motor coordination produces that our brain has to create new neural links.

4 burn more calories

Being an extremely full exercise, swimming is one of the best options to burn large quantities of calories. Of course, This is because water causes to have to make a greater effort to move our limbs. This means that our muscles work five to six times more than on Earth. Swim allows us to burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

5 makes our body more resistant

Swimming is more resistant to our body because, on the one hand, it helps us to develop a pulmonary capacity much greater. Obviously, this means that when swimming we acquire a greater capacity for anaerobic resistance. On the other hand, swimming has impact in strengthening of our bones, so our body is in general much stronger.

6 it gives more flexibility

Another very important benefit that provides us the swim is the elasticity and flexibility of our body. Because we use the tips to practice it, swim allows us to have greater mobility, exercising the joints. As a result we acquired greater flexibility, elevating our range of motion at the same time.

7 promotes the proper functioning of the cardiorespiratory system

As we already mentioned, swimming helps us strengthen the breath. When we swam we need to perform breathing exercises, which have a positive effect on our body. Mainly, this causes a greater lung capacity and our brain oxygenated.

8 eliminate back pain

Today, many specialists recommend hydrotherapy to cure certain ailments, especially the muscular pains. One more benefit areas in this respect is back: constantly swim you can decrease or cure back pain and increase the flexibility of it. In addition, swimming also is used in therapies for people with motor problems.

9 improves circulation

Swimming also is beneficial for the circulatory system. When we swim, each organ of our body receives a light massage, which turns the blood and makes us feel better. Therefore, the swimming or swimming is a perfect exercise for those who suffer from circulatory problems such as varicose veins. In this sense, swimming has rapid effects on our lower extremities, allowing us to even be more agile and tone up that part of our body.

10 it is relaxing

Finally, swimming is an activity or relaxing exercise. When we swim, our muscles made a great effort, so tighten. In the end, this process causes the same muscles to relax and rest, giving us a feeling of lightness and well-being. But our muscles are not the only beneficiaries. Our mind also relaxes when we swam, due primarily to the breathing exercises that are performed. Also, like any other physical activity, swimming awakens us appetite, helping us to keep us in shape and tone our muscles.
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