The properties of Zucchini

Las propiedades del calabacín
Zucchini, also called zucchini, is made up of 95% water. This food has no caloric content, for this reason it is highly beneficial for the organism.
In studies conducted with this product, has been shown to 100 g of courgette only provide 15 g, calories, but on the other hand it contains a good amount of minerals and trace elements, also contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

In that benefits us Zucchini?

To get all their benefits, Zucchini should be steamed; it can also eat raw. Among the most important benefits of Zucchini, we find that this foodstuff contains everything you need to protect the cardiovascular system.
Zucchini also has a very good amount of excellent vitamins for good health and appearance of the skin. It should also be taken into account should not peel. According to 100g of courgette investigations contain 7mg of vitamin C; This same amount provides 0, 35g, vitamin B3 and provitamin A. This vegetable is rich in fibres, since it contains between 5 g and 1, 5 g in the same 100 g.
It must be clarified that can obtain them these contributions when the vegetable is at its peak of maturity; the pectin contained in this plant makes it very soft when it comes to cook it when it is not yet very ripe; on the other hand already while mature its fiber content is greater, for this reason contains many cellulose. Addition by such a high fiber content, this product is very highly recommended to treat the problems of gastritis.

What other benefits do you have?

Zucchini is a vegetable that is ideal for people who want to lose weight, this is due to the abundant content of fibre and its low calories, so if you eat this vegetable generously you don't have the risk of bloat, but if must be assured that if you eat it with enough frequency and accompanied by some kind of physical exercise can help you lose weight.
Yellow Zucchini are eaten raw and is truly delicious accompanied with a little lemon juice. That way we can get all the dietary benefits.
Zucchini should be eaten fresh and it is advisable to save it not more than five days in the refrigerator, because there is a risk of losing all of their charitable contributions.
Many expert chefs agree that this delicious vegetables should be eaten when still very young and it must be prepared being well-cooled, in addition its preparation makes it possible to perform many varieties of dishes allowing different combinations, as it is one of the vegetables that may be added to different preparations providing everyone a very special flavor.
You cannot forget that for a healthy diet always we must include in our daily dishes plentiful vegetables, among which you can not miss Zucchini, since we know the benefits it can bring to our body and that also lends itself to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.
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