Home remedies for the heel spur

Remedios caseros para el espolón calcáneo
If you're that tend to suffer from spur, then you know its annoyance, that penetrating pain which makes it impossible for you to perform your daily tasks and your obligations. Walk becomes a little torture, a physical impairment accompanied by Fasciitis plantar where medical treatment is essential. But we, on our part, you provide also useful remedies for the day to day who will offer you relief.

Tips to alleviate the pain of the heel spur

Spurs arise particularly in the back of the heel, a small bone of the foot that is beginning to envelope out and causing not only pain, but also an important inflammation, especially when pressing the sole of the foot. Treatment is based primarily on lowering the inflammation and take measures so that this injury does not come back. In addition to following the advice of our physician, we can follow these additional instructions:


Is without a doubt the first protective measures that we take to sharp pain for a spur. Rest the foot to prevent increased swelling, preventing running and make sudden movements thus allowing the injury will heal. As they go past the days and the swelling decreases, we will be conducting small stretches and gentle exercises. Keep in mind that a proper recovery will prevent to take this painful injury.


Ideal to go trying to the spur. Is a simple templates that have a softer zone where we can rest the heel, this mode do cushion the footsteps and reduce both the pressure and pain. You can find these templates easily at pharmacies. They are perfect for when already have a little more mobility, since the first days would be necessary that you stored the rest in order to reduce the inflammation. There are also a type of heel heel-specific bands which are placed at specific points to be corrected the lesion. All this can inform your doctor or your pharmacist.


You know that the ice is always very beneficial in case of inflammation and reduce the pain. But yes, never will have to put in direct contact with our skin surface of a piece of ice, since this will cause us more damage than anything else. Solution? A very practical. Grab a plastic liter bottle and a half and fill of water. Then, return to the freezer. When it is already completely cold and frozen, it extends a towel on the floor. What you need to do is to roll with your foot (where you have the RAM) water bottle, for at least 15 minutes. Do it in the morning and in the evening, you'll see how notes relief.


They are simply perfect. You'll find relief and reduce inflammation. What you use? Very easy, for example vinegar Apple. You don't have to take a cloth, a small towel, and soak it with half cup with apple cider vinegar. Apply the cloth in the heel, making small circular massage while you allow that the skin go soaking with liquid. This can be done by morning. In the evenings, you can use a mixture of lavender, Rosemary and sea salt. You can get the first two ingredients making an infusion with 5 sprigs of lavender and three of romero. Then, soak a cloth with this liquid, adding a thick salt . Try to be warm when you put on the spur. Leave your foot in ten minutes. Then, enter the foot in fresh water. The contrast of hot water with cold water, reactivates the circulation and lower inflammation.


ejercicios espolon calcaneo
Very gentle exercises, small stretches that allow you, gradually improve the mobility and ease the pain of the heel. A simple activity is for example sitting in a Chair and leave a towel on the floor. You try to lift it with the affected foot, little by little...
Another helpful exercise is that before you have indicated, roll a cold bottle with the sole of the foot. The cold relieves you the pain at the same time that you perform small stretches. When you get up in the morning, you can also do something very simple: grab the toes of your feet and pulling them gently to you, this as easy forces turn to move all the complex bones in our feet, forcing us to recover mobility and reduce pain.
Remember that you must have patience. The doctors tell us that, they must on average spend about six months and up to a year for us to feel recovered completely. It is a long and painful process which can also serve as the so-called night splints, a kind of very comfortable orthopedic shoes for the night which obliges us to maintain extended throughout the plant foot. But these details already should realize you your doctor or a physical therapist. We recommend patience, hot and cold baths, simple stretches and follow a diet rich in fresh fruits, including daily an infusion of stinging nettle. It is ideal for treating inflammations.
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