5 ideas for recycling plastic bottles

One of the three ecological RS is reused. Discover how you can take advantage of empty bottles to make your life easier at the same time that you are helping the environment
5 ideas para reciclar botellas de plástico
Plastic or PET bottles represent the highest rate of environmental pollution. Despite can be recycled, many are doomed for example to our rivers and oceans, turning it into a harmful element to take into account. We, for our part, we can apply funny and original ideas for recycling in practical objects. A great idea that your kids to do together. Want to know what to do with your plastic bottles? Here we go.

5 fun ideas to recycle your plastic bottles

1 bird feeders

botellas plástico
See? it is easy A great way to find a new utility to your plastic bottles, also helping our fauna. have a full bottle up millet or barley, will be a very pleasant and fun, since every day you will have at your window or in your garden, a constant back and forth of birds that come to eat. But how do we do it? as you see in the image the task is pretty easy sense.
Do not have more to pick up a bottle in the way that we want, make him two holes up through which to introduce a spoon. It will make at the bottom. Try to keep the full of wheat and millet, that way the animals always revolotearán by your House. It also seeks a thread or a cuerdecita finite to be able attach the stopper there where you want to hang it from.

2 purses for House

Funny, easy to make and very practical. would like to have in one place your keys, your buttons, the medicines of the day? Then nothing so practical and eco-friendly than these bottles purse. Seeing them as do you a small idea of how to get them. We need down parts of two bottles. If they are colored much better. It tries to be all in the same way so they can fit. The most complicated will no doubt be sewing the zipper to the edges of the bottles, a thick water used for this purpose, or if you prefer, you can use a strong adhesive to attach zippers to the plastic. A very easy idea that you'll love.

3 pots for your home

maceta botella
Have ever seen what practical? You have no excuse to have your own garden and grow all kinds of medicinal plants for example. Tooth of Lion? Mint? whatever you want while contributions Earth and substrate quality, good nutrients and water. You don't have to get a pot practice rather than trim bottom of the bottles. If they are broader much better and more practical. If you leave a little more than largaria of the bottle you can get a sort of "mini-hivernadero", very handy if you for example want to plant a few tomatoes. You already know that they need to heat, then you would not have to transplant it par elsewhere that may continue to grow. If you use bottles of colors give a touch of fun to your garden.

4 plug-in for home cleaning

Insurance that comes well, a simple collector to complement the cleaning of the home, or for use with a brush and clean also the car if you want. What is it a good idea? To get your own picker, you may reuse a similar to the image of plastic bottle. Important thing is to have that handle that is going to serve as a "gripper". Make a mark to cut it gradually and thus obtain the shape expected. remember above all take part of the handle of the bottle!


Really nice and practical, thus never lose our tweezers. do you need? A large bottle of plastic, which normally sold with water. We will have to carefully cut the bottle leaving us more or less in half, high enough so that all the clamps that we often use to fit us. Looking for a beautiful and striking fabric for finishing the edges of plastic, that way you do not cut when handling. You can stitch it is a bit difficult - or use a good adhesive to adhere the fabric to plastic.
Finally, get four holes to put in them the handles of the bottle to your basket of pliers such as you see in the picture.
You see, it is easy and fun to reuse our plastic bottles. Every day we throw many, so while some take them to yellow plastic container for correct recycling, it never is others that we apply our imagination to give them new uses at home. The children you will love to help you!
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