Your hair needs to be hydrated

We all know that our skin needs to be hidratad, but... and our hair? Also. Our hair needs, like the skin, care for it and hidratemos, although sometimes does not appear to need it.

Our hair, as time goes on, is damaged by daily wear, for the loss of natural moisture, overuse of certain products, etc. the lack of hydration brings two of the most common causes in our hair: lack of brightness and static. This is manifested in most cases hair frizzy and dry.

Dry heat is the fundamental factor that dehydrates hair. Sometimes, without realizing it, we expose it, and for our hair it has harmful effects.

-The use of hairdryers and irons can leave rough hair, especially in those who have dry hair by nature. Why should avoid excessive use of these products, and lower, if necessary, the temperature of the dryer.

-The Sun also can impinge negatively on hair, so when we go to the beach, is suitable to take precautions and protecting the hair with a cap or a hat.

The best source of hydration for our hair is water. As well as water we need to keep our bodies and our skin hydrated, we need it for our hair.

To retain more moisture in our hair, and that this, therefore, is more moisturized thanks to the water, we need to seal the hair cuticle. For this reason, it is recommended to use shampoos and conditioners good, hydrating, that are rich in ingredients like keratin or aloe vera, protecting the hair with a protective layer that retains moisture, and provides greater softness to the hair. The softener is advisable to use them especially if our hair is long.

Taking into account these patterns, and knowing the causes and consequences of not having the hair hydrated, and knowing how to take care of it, is easier to us to get a nice, soft and healthy hair.

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