What is Tempeh?

¿Qué es el Tempeh?

It is a derivative of soy, by fermentation that is presented in the form of cake. Its origin is on the island of Java, Indonesia, where he is very popular and can be found in hundreds of preparations. Is similar to tofu in its preparation, but with another texture and nutritional characteristics.

What is Tempeh? Data

This product can be prepared at home or buy it already made. In the latter case, you have to read well container because they tend to add other grains such as barley and seasonings. Its flavor is the nut-like and is an option for those who consider how bland tofu. At the same time, Tempeh has more protein, beneficial isoflavones and calcium.

Properties of Tempeh

Being a derivative of soy, provides the vast majority of the benefits of this legume, however, its main property is the high content of proteins, is an excellent substitute for foodstuffs of animal origin, being recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

If 100 grams of Tempeh are consumed per day, our body receives about 40% of proteins you need and only 225 calories. It is also very good for women in the menopause stage because it strengthens your bones and relieves the typical symptoms.

Moreover, it reduces the risk of heart disease, regulates blood sugar levels, prevent some types of cancer (on all the of the digestive tract), regulates the bowel, is a potent antioxidant for its copper and manganese content and promotes digestive health.

How to use Tempeh?

This feed can be used in various preparations in the kitchen, usually cut into cubes and then saute in olive oil or corn, to add to salads or eat it directly as a main dish. If it is cut into slices, it can be one ingredient for sandwiches.

In their country of origin, Indonesia, consumes it sauteed until golden in color, but it can also be cooked steamed, boiled or cooked. Has a texture firm it can be grating or crimping as hamburger or crumble as condiment.

Home make Tempeh is simple and economical. Simply need to peeled soy that is left to soak 12 hours and then cooked 30 minutes with two tablespoons of vinegar. After that, add two tablespoons of the fungus Rhizopus and cools it is placed in a plastic bag with holes so that "breath". Stops in warm place 2 days and ready. You can be preserved in refrigerator 10 days.

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