How is it possible to lose weight effectively?

¿Cómo es posible adelgazar de manera eficaz?

One of the purposes of new year more repeating is surely lose weight. It is a goal that most of the people we have set some time in life, most of the time, little fruitful way for various reasons.

If I want to lose weight effectively, especially if it's lose several pounds, it is essential to put us in the hands of a professional, a dietitian or an endocrinologist, who will draw up an individualized diet.

To do this, it will ask questions to get to know our dietary habits, exercise we do, culinary tastes, schedules, etc., some tests to determine our index of body mass and amount of fat and some analysis to find out if you should take into account other pathologies in preparing the diet.

What should we know before you begin a diet?

-Make five meals a day.

-Exercise to consume more calories and avoid, when we start to lose weight, the sagging skin.

-Never should we do a diet that an acquaintance has happened to us since we have already said that the diet should be individualized.

- Never make calls diet miracle, that promise to lose much weight in a few days, as always recover. Especially dangerous are those that show us that we eat a single food or we delete completely other groups, like which totally prohibit the sugars, can have serious detrimental effects on our health and always have a rebound effect.

-Never should we us daily, once a week or every 15 days, always weigh in the morning and the day of the week. In this way we will avoid to become obsessed with our weight.

- The first weeks, the loss is much faster and, as we approach our goal, the pounds will cost more. This is because at this point what is lost is fat, whose loss is slower but much more effective.


Basic guidelines of a diet to lose weight effectively

If what we want is to lose a few pounds, there are a few basic recommendations common to all diets.

Eat abundant fruits and vegetables raw, especially in the middle of the morning, at lunch or when us between hunger between meals, so avoid the consumption of other more calorie foods and more common fats in those meals.

You can eat all vegetables, raw or boiled, except potatoes, carrots and vegetables. We will have to take a ration in food and another at dinner.

The flesh must be free from grease, chicken, Turkey or beef and you can take any fish. At lunch we take a serving of meat or fish, and another dinner.

The soups and purees are allowed provided that they are of vegetable or eliminate fat if they are meat.

The milk will be skimmed and sweetener should be substituted for sugar.

You must drink plenty of water and suppress the consumption of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and packaged juice. Coffee and tea are allowed.

All these tips are for orientation purpose; any diet should be supervised by a professional.

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