How to speed up metabolism to lose weight

Cómo acelerar el metabolismo para perder peso

Increase the metabolism of your body in a natural way, helps to keep you in shape and have more energy; in contrast to maintain slow metabolism, is the reason to gain weight or have difficulties to lose. Below are some ways to increase metabolism:


Makes five or six meals small during the day and make a dinner light late in the afternoon or evening, since your metabolism decreases at this time of the day; forget about itching especially at night and let a three hours before bedtime.

It is important to modify the eating habits, you should ensure you a good breakfast, containing a fruit, whole grains and protein, to launch the matabolismo.

Choose foods low in fat and calories and high in fiber ratio, such as whole grains, fruits, leafy green, fish and lean meats, and avoid foods with high fat and sugar content.

The best fruits to increase metabolism, are blueberries, contain flavonoids which help increase metabolism; citrus fruit, which are rich in vitamins C, needed to burn fat, are recommended at least eating two pieces a day, and the melon, which is rich in potassium, which is crucial to accelerate the metabolism and get to reduce weight.


It begins exercising, which is very important to keep the metabolism high; increases lean body muscle mass, while the body is burning fat, even when you do not exercise and will improve the ability to lose weight. Choose aerobic exercise, such as biking, walking, running, or swimming.

Added to the aerobic, exercise a bit of strength training in your workout routine, which increases muscle mass in the body; This increase helps to burn fat quickly and accelerate weight loss. Exercises of calisthenics - enhance the movements of muscle groups - and dumbbell exercises.


You drink two liters of water daily; drinking cold water, it increases your metabolic rate by 30%, for approximately 30 minutes, due to the energy that your body has to get used to heat the water to body temperature.

Sleep at least eight hours daily, since lack of sleep causes an alteration in the levels of hormones: leptin and ghrelin, which are responsible for the control of appetite and energy consumption.

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