Learn how to make a anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic broth

The ingredients we are going to add are important anti-inflammatory drugs, so their combination makes this stock essential when we notice our low defenses
Aprende a hacer un caldo antiinflamatorio y anticancerĂ­geno
Often we look for drugs or natural supplements to help us to treating inflammatory problems or to prevent cancer. But we must not forget that there are foods that have these properties, and can get easily used to taking them often to prevent in the most natural way.

In this article, we share the recipe and the properties of a therapeutic and delicious broth that you can take daily to prevent diseases and inflammatory pain (rheumatism, gout, bronchitis, asthma, etc.), as well as being an excellent preventive against cancer.


In general all cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and cabbage, have beneficial properties that helps prevent cancer of the prostate, breast, pullo and colon, as demonstrated by numerous studies, thanks to its content of substances that prevent the development and spread of tumors. But in particular highlight the broccoli for its content in vitamins C and E and minerals such as calcium and iron. Broccoli, in general, helps to fight many diseases.
As well as including it in the broth, we also recommend eating it steamed, little cooking, and in the form of broccoli seeds germinated.
brocoli ulterior epicure


Garlic, a powerful antibiotic and natural anti-inflammatory, also reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as the stomach, esophagus, pancreas and breast. We recommend, in addition, every five years the ancient Tibetan healing of garlic, which will help us take advantage of all of its properties.
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The Onion is one of the most medicinal foods that exist, along with the garlic, and stand out it for their anti-inflammatory properties and whyand its high sulfur content makes it an excellent remedy to prevent cancer. It is also recommended when there are problems of kidney and fluid retention, a healing-based onion soup that can also be substituted for this explained in this article.


Some studies have shown that the acetylenic containing celery help prevent the growth of tumors and metastasis of cancer cells. And in addition, its content in polyacetylene helps greatly relieve inflammations.


This root contains Curcumin, a highly anti-inflammatory component, so it is recommended to people suffering headaches, rheumatism, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, etc. Turmeric also has many anticancer components that inhibit the growth of many tumors, and is also very useful when you are taking medication for cancer to overcome its side effects.
To obtain these benefits we must consume turmeric daily, and this species allows us to easily include it in all kinds of stews, soups, creams and even desserts like milkshakes, custards or cakes. Their presence in this broth will be essential.
curcuma Frabisa

How do we prepare it?

We will put to cook vegetables, if possible to be ecological, water and turmeric powder, for at least 40 minutes, or a little less if you use a pressure cooker. Strain the vegetables, which we can use for the preparation of food. For example, in the following ways:
  • To fill a tortilla
  • As a filling for savory pies
  • To make a cream of vegetables
  • As a garnish other dishes
  • To make a tomato sauce with vegetables
  • To make a scrambled egg
Also we can eat them directly, salad dressing for them with a little extra virgin olive oil or with homemade mayonnaise.
This soup can be prepared in quantity to make last us two or three days maximum, and thus not having to prepare it daily. You can also freeze it, while some of their properties will be lost.

How do we take it?

Can take three cups each day, separated or before meals, so have more powerful effects on our health. We can take them to seasons, especially during times of cold or at a time when we notice lower our defenses.
This broth will be essential for those people suffering problems involving pain, such as chronic inflammatory diseases and rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and also for those who are more likely to some cancer, both by having a family history as having suffered, or be suffering from.
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