Benefits of Apple Cider vinegar to treat cellulite

Beneficios del vinagre de manzana para tratar la celulitis

Who gets not the annoying cellulite? If you're sure woman who, on more than one occasion, you will feel uncomfortable by those small nodules so unsightly that unbalance our figure to get the bathing suit or something more tight jeans.

Maybe in your case, cellulite is a problem not yet very clear, or it is possible that your body has already done a remarkable Nick which you do not know how to remedy. Firstly, we must be objective: cellulite does not go away so easily from one day to another. Sometimes, the only way to remove it from the body is by surgery; However, you can significantly reduce through proper diet and some exercise.

Today we want to explain to you how Apple Cider vinegar can help you get it. It would be a complementary treatment that accompany, as you know, with good nutrition and active living, simple tips that can help you reduce cellulite.

Do you dare to try?

Why can help me apple cider vinegar to reduce cellulite?


One of the most interesting benefits of Apple Cider vinegar is effective to reduce the excess fat in our cells. Get debug the body and prevents so these lipids tend to accumulate in our body.

Keep in mind that, while Apple Cider vinegar can be very useful to regulate the excess fat in blood, is not at all follow a diet where we only consume this drink throughout the day. Never do this. It is, as you've pointed out before, to use this remedy as a complement in a suitable, healthy and balanced diet.

  • Apple Cider vinegar is an option used by all those people who are overweight and who suffer from cellulite. It allows us to destroy the accumulation of fats and also helps eliminate toxins.
  • Apple Cider vinegar facilitates digestion.
  • Another of their benefits is to help us to take care of our lymphatic system, very useful to achieve, for example, that the blood flowing without obstacles.
  • Low blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol or LDL.
  • Apple Cider vinegar helps our body to have such as appropriate level of alkalinity, like baking soda or lemon.

How should I take Apple Cider vinegar to treat my cellulite?

To get reduce cellulite, follow this remedy over two weeks a month. I.e., we will take this remedy based on Apple Cider vinegar for 15 days, then rest another 15. Takes note of what we must do.

1. treatment with oral apple cider vinegar



  • A liter of water.
  • 2 Tablespoons (30 ml) Apple Cider vinegar.


It would just take one liter of water mixed with two tablespoons of vinegar throughout the day. Therefore we will do it in the following way:

  • A first vessel in fasting, just get up.
  • Another vessel 20 minutes after lunch, just when our digestion, which is when Apple Cider vinegar will fulfill its function of fat purification starts.
  • Another glass mid afternoon.
  • A last 20 minutes after your dinner glass.

As I have said before, it would follow this remedy 15 days followed, resting after two weeks. Always combine this treatment with a diet low in fat, rich in fiber, fruits and fresh vegetables and some exercise.

2. treatment with vinegar topically


In this case we're going to benefit from the properties of vinegar Apple also through our skin. would like to know how to do it? We explain what you then:


  • 15 ml of Apple Cider vinegar mixed with your regular moisturizer or your essential oils.


  • Will do it twice a day: once after the morning shower and the second, before going to sleep. It is simply mix the vinegar with your cream always to give a good massage there where you have cellulite. Massage should do it in circles, trying to revive the movement. You can help, if you wish, a roll of wood or an Exfoliating sponge that will help you to exercise a deep massage.

You can do this treatment every day. It is therefore to be constant and never forget that cellulite is an enemy that requires time and effort. Follow a proper diet and don't forget to get some exercise!

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