You are trying to lose weight but soon recover it? You will learn the 4 possible reasons

¿Estás tratando de perder peso pero al poco tiempo lo recuperas? Te explicamos las 4 posibles razones
Has you ever happened? We have three months with a rigorous diet, we are preparing for the summer or maybe even that, simply, want to improve our figure losing those extra pounds. And we got it! At the end we managed to be in our ideal weight. However, a few weeks after... There is the fat again.

Why is it so prevalent that you pass this? Is there something that we have done wrong? It is very possible that it does, hence we want to explain in this article what are the most common causes that make us regain lost weight when we least expect it.

1. skipping meals

Comerse las uñas
You will get a simple example to make you understand it immediately. Imagine that a friend of yours wants to lose weight quickly in the summer. To do this, it gets its own regime, which is none other than skipping meals, breakfast the least and, in the Middle hours, Peck all that which seemeth him, to ultimately reach House and not eat anything.
This means, on the day, passing between 10 and 12 hours without eating, which makes your body enters "State of alert" and look for energy reserves, whatever. However, at the time they were back to normal, will happen the opposite. Recover the energy before reserve very quickly to meet unexpected failure and to prevent new situations that our body encodes and alarm.
I.e., it has made our so-called friend is not nothing healthy. We can not eat no more than one day to another, or just make two meals a day. This is processed as a threat and, consequently, our brain reacts.

2. the danger of the diets of low caloric value

In this case we have the classic example of these very restrictive diets where, despite respect 5 meals a day, are made by a very dangerous for our organism dietary and nutritional imbalance. It is especially these regimes where it seeks to consume less of 1200 Kcal/day, in which it is recommended to consume almost exclusively carbohydrates, or a type of protein.
It is very dangerous to our health. Normally these diets are held during some time, about two or three weeks, and it is common, leaving them after having reached our desired weight, the lost kilos appear, as if by magic, at the time that we return to eating some kind of calorie, however small, that is.
Takes note of why this happens:
  • This type of restrictive diets what do is lower our level of glycogen, so that our body tends to find this item somewhere. And do you know where does it? In our muscles, our cartilage... It is in these parts where you can get some power, and to do so, releases a large amount of water and minerals and toxic substances resulting from its metabolism, as for example, urea and uric acid.
  • When the so-called "miracle diet" ends, we've lost pounds by consuming the glycogen stored in the liver, have resorted to the muscles and ligaments in search of energy and have lost water and minerals essential for our body. This deficit makes that, at the moment when we return to our normal diet, tissues seek "rehydrated" again and quickly, storing so fats and calories. That is why the pounds come back soon.

3. the need to incorporate healthy habits into our diet

If you went well a diet, why leave? Many times we tend to gain weight because we keep eating habits not only incorrect, but also some healthy. You know that intake of fats, sweets or prefabricated foods always leads to a high cholesterol , hypertension and very dangerous for our heart diseases.
Thus, more thing is that, to not regain lost weight, incorporate this diet that has gone well with our day to day, and it doesn't mean that at some point you can spoil yourself eating a sweet or a cake, if you know that going out to walk then you can lower the heat index.
Usually, when it comes to losing weight, it's always very appropriate to go to a nutritionist. Sometimes, it can occur that certain foods feel poorly, or that certain combinations are not good for us. First thing is, without a doubt, know to listen and understand our body and, at the time demos with something that is going well, that takes care of our health and that makes us lose pounds, we integrate it forever in our day to day.

4. changes of routine

It happens many times. One of the most frequent causes when recovering lost weight it is to change habits, or that something in our life that we store kilos back happens. Want some examples? We are sure that some of these aspects you are not unknown.
  • You just lose a few pounds but at work can you change the schedule, whereupon, your habits of life also change and, soon, back to fat.
  • Having problems with your partner.
  • Start having more anxiety by problems at home, at work...
  • Have you lost weight in the summer, but sometimes the summer makes us relax, let us go over to bars, parties... And, as a result, we return to regain lost weight.
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