The best way to lose weight according to your body type

La mejor manera de perder peso según tu tipo de cuerpo

Most people who want to lose weight has no clear whats your body type or what is the most effective way of achieving their objectives by taking this aspect into account. It is true that there are multiple ways of losing weight regardless of body type, but many times this is the explanation of why some routines work more to some people than to others.

If we speak in general terms, the majority of women want slimming specific areas of your body that are generally accumulate fat; However, few take into account your body type to achieve the objectives.

You've come to ask what kind of body you have and if this is important when it comes to losing weight? If you have not already done you this question and you've never had it in mind, we invite you to know the following 6 types of body that will help you identify what is yours and what kind of program is the most you want to lose weight.

Tipos de cuerpo

The "pear-shaped" type body

This body shape is also called "pear-shaped" and is characterized by load weight in the lower part of the body, especially in the area of the hips, rear and thighs. In the meantime, the bust and waist tend to be small.

  • Cardio: in this case the person should focus their aerobic exercise in the lower part of your body to be able to release the additional weight that accumulates there. For these cases it is ideal walking, the elliptical or bike. The climbing is not recommended because this type of machines can increase the size of the legs.
  • Resistance exercises: cardio exercises must be complemented with weight on shoulders, front and side weights lifting. Recommended between 6-8 repetitions per session.

The "rectangular shape" type body

This body shape is characterized by its lack of symmetry, as it has too wide shoulders and hips, although the figure is athletic. This body type is also known as "square" and in this case the person should focus on minimizing the waist.

  • Cardio: for these cases it is recommended to increase the use of inclined treadmill or climbing, as they are machines that can help to work the symmetry of the body.
  • Resistance exercises: in this case troops are exercises of the inner part of the legs, to put an end to assaults and extensions. They are made of 6 to 8 repetitions using moderate and hard weight.

Type "Hourglass" body

It is genetically the most favored and is also known as "the hourglass". It is characterized by having a weight and height appropriate to the shape of the body. For experts this type of body is the 'perfect', because it has the advantage that evenly distributes the weight that wins and also fits perfectly when lose fat.

  • Cardio: must be balanced by body type. Everyone feel it very well, but you must not focus only on one type of exercise. Combines several and you will keep fit.
  • Resistance exercises: this body type is best suited for the practice of the fitness and bodybuilding. Combined routines feel you very well, because in addition to controlling fat, they tone up easily.

Body of the type "Apple shape"

Also popularly known as the "Apple", is characterized by thin legs, large bust and weight gain in the abdominal area.

  • Cardio: is recommended to increase the use of treadmill or climbing and avoid the use of bikes since they tend to lose more weight the legs. Other cardio exercises you also feel very well: we encourage you to dance, run or jump rope.
  • Resistance training: should focus on the legs to achieve a balance with the upper part of the body. Makes 6 to 8 repetitions of squats and leg press.

Body type "Rhombus"

Is characterized by a high metabolism which allows you to gain weight easily. It is slim and your measurements of your top, chest, hips and waist, are almost equal.

  • Cardio: the most advisable is to use the climber. The excess of this kind of exercise should be avoided. In this case the body should concentrate their physical work in the resistance.
  • Resistance exercises: training should be short and intense. Focus on working a muscle group every week. The movements should be compounds such as bench press, press front, squatting or shoulder, among other press. Make 6 to 8 repetitions.

Body type "inverted triangle"

Is also known as"cone", because is characterized to have shoulders wider than hips. They are usually women of big bust, thin legs and narrow hips.

  • Cardio: should focus on burning calories and mainly use the climber to work in an enlarged legs. The elliptical, performs all cardio, less because it adelgazaría even more legs.
  • Resistance exercises: these exercises should focus on strength for leg movements, such as the squat, strides, elevation, extension and in general exercises for hips and legs. To shape it is recommended to make 6-8 repetitions of assaults and leg extensions. It complements these exercises with moderate weights.
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