Why is so important to wash your hands?

¿Por qué es importante lavarse las manos?
Hands allow us to understand the world that surrounds us, through which we can recognize the texture of an object, cherish our children, hold a portfolio, Cook, eat, play... Through touch incorporate information and substances in the environment although the latter can be both positive (food), as negative (pathogens, toxic substances). This that is why must take special care with hygiene of our hands.

Personal hygiene and health for the hands

Since man is born and comes in contact with the environment begins to interact with elements that are totally foreign to you and your immune system is formed and strengthened which prepares you to face future attacks; However it is not always possible to succeed in these clashes that appear diseases caused by virus and bacteria that have entered our body. That's why, for centuries, scientists looked for the way of preventing or diminishing the unfavorable influence of outside health, after numerous failures found the answer that endures today: good hygiene.
Different types of hygiene, exist since hygiene of foodstuffs which guarantees the correct state of the products that we consume up to hygiene mental serving the perfect development and psychological functioning of the person and their community. but hygiene we are interested in this article is one that depends on each of us individually: the Personal hygiene. And surely you may think but I am clean! Bath me every day! because it is not enough only with this to talk about proper personal hygiene, but it must take into account several aspects whose significance many times we don't recognize.

A good personal hygiene items



Who would say you? Yes, a balanced and healthy diet is the basis of good health. Keep in mind that your body needs sufficient carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers to perform its vital functions, even if you're trying to lose weight. It is also important that you make six daily meals: breakfast, snack at mid-morning, lunch, snack, afternoon lunch and a light supper. Don't forget to chew food well, it is a rule essential hygiene, that way triturarás well as ingested and attachment your digestion. And drink plenty of water, at least two litres a day.

Air and ventilation

Avoid dust and smoke, as well as air pollution, because they damage your respiratory system, can cause allergies and cause the accumulation of toxic substances in your tissues. If you want to maintain proper hygiene at home check and repair any technical malfunction of the equipment in your home, used the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and hairs and hardener of mites that accumulate in the corners and carpets and pets, avoids excess heat in the rooms and procurement that are always well ventilated. Finally, a very simple advice: always breathe through the nose, since air by appropriate routes is filtered and heated before reaching the lungs. It prevents infections.

The postures

Good posture helps you from the aesthetic and hygienic point of view. If you sit with head tilted back or twisted body you give the impression of being weak, tired, no energy, but also you will be affecting your spine, your legs, your shoulders and you can even cause deformations or severe injury.

The dream

Sleep is a necessity but is also a matter of hygiene. We need to sleep 8 hours if we are adults so our body to rest and get the energy you need for the next day; but there are some rules that we must bear in mind: we need a schedule regular sleep, a comfortable bed, good ventilation and silence. All conditions created to sleep like a baby!


The external organs of our body are very important functions, including protection, therefore are more exposed than others to infection. A proper personal hygiene can help prevent damage to the skin, eyes, mouth, hands. Here some steps you will take into account:
  • Body cleaning: bathrooms must be made daily, also are advisable sedatives and therapeutic baths.
  • Hair cleaning: cleaning the hair and scalp must be at least two times a week, taking care to rinse properly and dry it well.
  • Eye care: you need good lighting to read, write and perform various activities. It protects your eyes from glare, accidents and infections.
  • Cleaning of the ear canal: a physician must always perform it to avoid injury of the eardrum.
  • Cleaning of hands
But the cleaning of hands I promised to talk to you a little more so now you know...

Why is it important to wash your hands? How should we do it?

Lavar las manos
Hands clean is one of the most important habits of personal hygiene. As I explained before, they serve to not only contact with the outside, but with other people, so are great transmitters of diseases and parasitic infections. Get your hands dirty and contaminated and take to the mouth or eyes, or handling food with them is the way easier to get sick. And what about the nail where accumulate large amount of microorganisms from the most various sources?
Do not hesitate, the best way to prevent infections of this type is to have good hygiene: wash your hands properly before cooking or eating, if you come from the street, after defecating, urinating, littering the or, in general, come into contact with contaminated anything. What how do you? Well here I show you the steps to wash our hands properly.

Steps to wash our hands

  • 1 wet your hands with enough clean water.
  • 2 rub with SOAP in a way such that you get abundant foam.
  • 3 rub hands vigorously for 20 seconds both the back and the palms, and check under your nails and between your fingers.
  • 4 rinse with clean water.
  • 5. repeat the operation if necessary.
  • 6 rinse with plenty of water.
  • 7 well dry your hands with a clean towel.

A few final words

Now you know why you should wash your hands and how to do it, I hope this article you has been helpful. It maintains an excellent hygiene and your health will thank you.
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