How to prevent bunions

The footwear is essential to prevent bunions. The heel should not exceed four centimeters and the toe should be broad so that the fingers are loose
Cómo prevenir los juanetes
Bunions are a more frequent and painful deformities that occur in the feet, which caused the majority of opportunities by improper footwear, but also It can be a hereditary problem.
One of the fastest solutions to improve the condition of your feet with bunions can be the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and some painkillers that will help eliminate pain. In the same way can be a series of exercises of physiotherapy, genuine accompanied with the use of padded insoles - especially the felt - can be another effective measure to calm a little pain that occurs when the shoe rubs the foot.
Another solution that is much more effective, and that is the favorite of a large number of people affected, is surgery, which permanently and safely eliminated this problem. Only in Spain practiced around five thousand of these surgeries each year, the most requested by patients is the percutaneous, which much less is performed through an incision and the aesthetic results are satisfactory, both for patients and for surgeons.

How can I prevent bunions?

The best way to prevent this painful problem of the feet is by using a comfortable shoes, whose heel not exceeding four centimeters of height, since when the heels are very high fingers are pushed toward the tips of the shoes and toe is completely compressed between the shoe and the other fingers, and even more so if the shoe is tipped narrow. Therefore the footwear which should be more often is heel under, and tipped more comfortable in which fingers are loose and can be moved with some freedom.
In this way, it is recommended to have extreme care with the type of footwear that is used on a regular basis; If heels are your weakness should use the shortest possible time but not on a daily basis! They are the worst enemy of the health and beauty of your feet, since they cause bunions and these are not only very painful, also affect the aesthetics of these. Remember that after becoming present bunions, if not treated on time every day are going to be more pronounced and the pains will be more strong, affecting the free movement of your feet.
As a last and important recommendation, if you have a Bunion or you are starting out should go to your doctor or a Podiatrist, which make you more successful recommendations and you will indicate the treatment that you need to follow.
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