How to have a healthy bedroom

Give a touch of color to your room? Settle on a plant. The Sanseviera transform carbon dioxide into oxygen
Cómo tener un dormitorio saludable
We always talk about the importance of good sleep at night to recover energy and that our organism is rebalance and regenerate. This is essential to avoid the stress, a good diet, exercise, etc. But also the place where we rested is essential: the bedroom.
In this article you will learn how to have a healthy bedroom, with a clean and purified, radiation-free air, that convey serenity and balance and allows us to a good night's sleep and a good relationship.

A clean air

A solution to economic and natural to make our bedroom air clean is the put some plant. But it doesn't do any plant, since some may be rather steal oxygen. For bedroom, we recommend the Sanseviera, a plant that turns the carbon dioxide in oxygen during the night. We recommend that two upper floors in the bedroom, that in addition to purify the air also will provide the Green bedroom, a color that helps to balance us.
sanseviera doppelbelichtung
It is said that our House is a reflection of our interior. The bedroom, the place where we rest and, in many cases, share with your partner, should be a room that convey clarity and serenity, and it should not be full of furniture or objects. Interntaremos that is the essential and some decorative element, but conceals that have empty spaces. And above all, is always tidy.


A bedroom should ideally have natural light, but in some cases this is not possible or you are quite gloomy bedroom. In this case, we can play with lamps that provide warmth, as for example the Himalayan salt lamps, which have a very relaxing and warm orange light and also help us to neutralise electromagnetic radiation.

A ventilated space

To avoid the appearance of mitesmainly, but also to maintain a welcoming space, we recommend daily ventilate the room, leaving even if it is possible that the Sun directly on places where there may be mites, which are the parts that tend to accumulate moisture and heat: sheets, comforters, curtains, mattresses, cushions, rugs, etc.
In times of heat or light also can leave the window open at night, if we are not in a zone of noise or too much light, previously placing an insect, either leaving the lowered blinds or curtain set. Thus ventilation will be continued and we will avoid the closed feeling that happens many times in the morning.
ventana abierta Chiot's Run

What smell your bedroom?

The smell of the bedroom is also a detail to take care of. Although a clean bedroom does not have why to smell anything in particular, some may have certain smells due to moisture, odors that come from outside... or maybe we simply want to give a special touch to our liking. For that we need the incense, the role of Armenia, resins that are burned with charcoal, conventional air fresheners or essential oildiffusers. We highly recommend the following scents:
  • Lim n: to clean and disinfect the environment.
  • Mint: cool
  • Ginger: to give heat
  • Cinnamon: to stimulate
  • Lavender: for relaxation
  • Rosa: to create a sweet and romantic space
  • no property.
  • Eucalyptus: to clean the environment and improve respiratory problems
  • Citrus (lemon, Orange, Tangerine): for enhance the mood and fight depression

Beware of mirrors

Feng-Shui tells us that it is not appropriate to have mirrors in the bedroom, since altering the energies that provide precisely the rest. Mirror could also be covered at night, or we can even do the test several days to see if we notice the difference, especially if we have problems sleeping, although it would be better put them in other parts of the House where they can be beneficial.

The bed to the North

Another key to rest well and recover in the North is to try the head of the bed is directed towards the North. If in some cases it is impossible for the disposition of the bed, then look for another direction, but will avoid everything that is directed towards the South, which is the most harmful choice.
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