Why is it important to perform cytology?

¿Por qué es importante realizarse la citología?
Cytology is a very important test that every woman should be so then you will resolve some of the questions most generated about it. Remember that it is very important to know and understand the importance of Cytology, in addition you can identify what are the myths and the truths of this test, which is unfortunately so ignored by some women.

What is it?

Cytology is a super simple test, simply take a small sample of tissue from the cervix using a Speculum, which facilitates the doctor view and with a brush is carried out a sweep in the inner part. This sample will be analyzed in a laboratory in order to identify if there is presence of abnormal or cancerous cells.

Why can I do this test?

It is important that all women have this test to diagnose the presence of cancer cells in time, and thus quickly treat cervical cancer if anomalies are presented.

How do I know if this exam I I practice?

Without exception, if you've already had sex or are older than 21 is obligation that you perform cytology, if you want to at least once a year.

What are the recommendations that I have to take into account when making me cytology?

Is essential that at the time that you go to perform cytology you aren't with menstruation, you must also take at least three days without having sex, also must avoid the use of eggs and vaginal creams, all this is that need that the vagina is free of other flows that can alter the tests.

Am I going to feel pain when it comes to me with cytology?

This is one of the biggest myths that revolve around the cytology, for nothing it is painful, it can be a little uncomfortable for you since you are showing your private parts to an unknown, but this is one procedure more than normal.

Do I have to pay for cytology?

If you are affiliated with any EPS you will be free, you simply ask for an appointment with the general practitioner and this will be scheduled for the order for cytology. Also used in the EPS the conferences of this kind, so you simply separate a turn and ready.
But these affiliate can do you in a particular laboratory, regularly the price is not high and cover the review and advice of the result.

How much can I expect results?

If you do them with your EPS may take 3 to 8 business days, when performed in laboratories individuals tend to deliver more quickly.

What should I do if my test result with the presence of atypical cells?

The doctor giving advice for reading cytology program another appointment to perform other tests, such as colposcopy, biopsy and more, according to the case that has been presented.

If my result was good, I be quiet?

As we had already said previously, lor it is important cytology to identify early any sign of cancer, so that now you get a positive result does not mean that you should lower the guard, you must have this test without any fail each year.
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Cytology Does not prevent the CANCER of neck UTERINE! But it is helpful to identify it in time.
This is where comes the importance of Cytology, when cervical cancer is just beginning, no symptoms, these come already when the cancer was invasive, the most common symptoms are:
  • Constant vaginal bleeding, may be after having sex,
  • Unusual flow, is more than what was normally and blood-stained
  • Pain or burning during intercourse
As you can see, it is better to prevent that regret so if you started to have sex or you are 21-year-old must wait no longer to go to these exams.
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