Lose weight with rice milk: properties and recipe

We will use brown rice to make it much more digestive. It is important to process it well to make the finest possible. We can add cinnamon to give it an aromatic touch
Perder peso con leche de arroz: propiedades y receta
Milk plant are in fashion. And no, it is not a temporary fad, these natural drinks stand as a replacement wonderful to the cow milk. They are more healthy, digestive and provide us with excellent nutrients for the day to day. And even more... many of them help us to reduce calories and taking care of our weight, as in the case of rice milk. Do you want to know his great qualities? You'll love!

Properties of rice milk

  • Rice milk is very low in fat. A vessel has 1.5 grams and zero fat saturated. This small amount of fat allow us, according to the clinic may help us absorb better vitamins.
  • This type of drink vegetable is very beneficial for the immune system, improves our immunity, ideal if for example we take two glasses a day.
  • Rice milk is the digestive that exists. We can even use as a serum to keep us in those cases I can not eat anything, when for example we are moving episodes of evil be and diarrhea. Ideal for cases of gastritis, heartburn...
  • Very suitable for reduce the cholesterol.
  • It has a proper dose of vitamin D.

Why can it help me lose weight the rice milk?

adelgazar midiendo pierna
Rice milk burns calories because it's a vegetable drink low in saturated fats that improves our digestion, releasing energy and helping to turn to burn lipids. It's an ideal cleansing milk with which to start the day. At the same time it gives us vitamins, and that helps us to eliminate cholesterol, will help to clean our body. One more than ideal remedy.
According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutritionse, vitamin D present in the milk of rice will allow us to go down in weight little by little. As it could be concluded, this rich in calcium and vitamin D milk allows us to reduce the incidence of fats. How can stop it escaping?
As data to take into account we should know that the rice milk has too many proteins compared to cow's milk. This means for example that would be ideal if our breakfast we complete it with some dried fruits, such as for example nuts. It is the only drawback that we can meet you. Moreover, remember that it would be appropriate that you took you a glass for breakfast and another mid-afternoon. It is healthy, digestive and allows us to go by diluting the fat gradually. If eaten it with a diet low in fats, abundant fruits, salads and vegetables, and you decide to do some exercise, certain improvements your quality of life.

How can I prepare rice milk?


Ingredients for a liter of milk rice

  • 1 cup rice moreno or integral
  • 8 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • 4 tablespoons of honey

How do we prepare the rice milk?

  • It is very easy, start boiling the water. When it comes to a boil, we dropped the cup of brown rice. We will use the integral because it is much more healthy, natural, and digestive.
  • Descend the fire and let the rice Cook for about two hours, with the pot covered. Very simple, as you can see. Once pass this time, turn off the heat so that it cools a bit.
  • And what do we do now? We went everything through the Blender to obtain a very soft cream. We want to make it very well, process it for quite some time so the rice milk is as finite as possible. Now we add the sunflower oil and honey, to then continue processing with the mixer.
  • There who prefer to include a little bit of cinnamon during cooking, but that goes to the taste of each one. The recipe you have given is the most natural possible. We also want to make rice integral, so it will be much more healthy and digestive.
  • Keep the rice milk will require that you keep it well sealed glass vials, thus will last you longer. But the usual thing is to consume it within two or three days. Finally the ideal is drinking two glasses a day, in this way with a liter will have for two days.
  • Rice milk is ideal for the whole family. Obviously, we will consider possible allergies.

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