Why do we need to eat chocolate?

If we want to get all the benefits of the cocoa we can opt for a chocolate that has a minimum of 70% of cocoa. It improves States of anxiety, irritability, or depression
¿Por qué necesitamos comer chocolate?
Chocolate is one of the foods that people eat when they feel sad, disappointed, sad, anxious, irritable, tired, etc. It is a simple whim or really chocolate can give us what our body needs? Its content of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and tryptophan gives us the answer and confirms all its health benefits.
In this article we explain why our body asks us chocolate, what we get to eat it, and how we can give it provide us their benefits.

Chocolate or cocoa?

It is possible that when we need urgently to eat chocolate, your body is asking is really cocoa. It is important to stress this point, because cocoa is a very healthy food and they are not as healthy some fats and sugars that carries chocolate instead, especially milk chocolate or white chocolate, ice cream chocolate, creams, etc.
Why we recommend opting for chocolate as pure as possible, with a high percentage of cocoa (at least 70%) or by the cocoa powder.
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7 benefits of eating chocolate

How do we use the cocoa?

The first step is to get a quality cocoa, preferably organic. With this cocoa we can cook many recipes where before we used chocolate and even new ones thanks to its texture:
  • Milk with cocoa and honey, a delicious beverage hot both how cold
  • Cocoa Brownies or marbled
  • Banana, walnuts and cocoa Smoothie for breakfast and start your day with energy
  • Cocoa, lemon juice and brown sugar sauce to replace the hot chocolate as a garnish
  • A cream spreads mix cream of nuts (e.g., almond or peanut), cocoa and brown sugar
  • Infusion of cocoa, a relaxing and Remineralising remedy
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When to our body of lack something...

Pure chocolate or cocoa contains some essential ingredients for good health, and so when some of them we need our body asks us to eat chocolate. It contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, tryptophan... Why then explain all the cases in which it is justified to consume chocolate often.

To improve our State of mind

Cocoa contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that carries a nerve signal that produces happiness. Why cocoa improves States of anxiety, irritability, depression, etc. Those are the moments most common that we feel the need to eat chocolate, and that we will not stop consuming it, but that we will choose one of quality, with a high percentage of cocoa, not to mention looking for other remedies or supplements to balance our mood.
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For stress

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, even more than green tea. Why you often need to consume him when we have periods of stress, since stress the body oxidizes. In addition, these antioxidants help prevent aging and the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. To boost its antioxidant properties, it is better to take it on an empty stomach.

To relax

Cocoa is one of the foods rich in magnesium, a mineral which nourishes our muscles and our nervous system and that should get every day. In fact, many therapists recommend taking it as a supplement, since it is very deficient in our current feed. Therefore, if we are eating too much chocolate can try to take a magnesium supplement, and such time as well decrease our cravings for chocolate.

To strengthen bones and teeth

Thanks to the calcium containing, cocoa helps strengthen bones and teeth, among other designing. To enjoy it, it will be important to consume cocoa without sugar, since sugar worsens the assimilation of calcium in our body.

To raise the defenses

Cocoa contains vitamin C, a vitamin that we get daily because that helps to raise the defenses and prevent many illnesses, in addition to nourish our bones, teeth and skin. Would not a cup of hot chocolate when you are feeling cold or cold like who?

To revitalize us

In times when we feel especially tired or exhausted, cocoa will help us to get energy. In these cases we will mix pure cocoa with honey and cinnamon, and take a tablespoon each morning.
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