Recommendations for a good digestion

Recomendaciones para tener una buena digesti├│n
You have a good digestion helps our body to absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat, since thus segregate the necessary quantities of enzymes and digestive juices in the proper time. When we have a poor digestion can come to experience some discomfort such as constipation, allergies, liver problems, lack of absorption of nutrients, among others.
You have a good digestion ensures us good health and with this we can also eliminate the toxins that the body does not need. It is important that you learn to identify what might endanger your digestion and the way on how you can treat it beginning with good nutrition.

Factors that contribute to a poor digestion

Each of us is a constant risk of suffering of a poor digestion due to factors such as poor nutrition, eat in excess, stress and abuse of fats; such things tend to be an obstacle to run the Agency as it should be and our digestion is affected.
When we do not measure what we eat and much less realize the type of food we are consuming, is more likely to suffer a bad digestion. Also, there are other factors such as the position of the body especially at lunchtime and during the rest of the daily activities.

What we should be for a good digestion?

To have good digestion, it is very important to take into account the power, this aspect is that most influences health at a general level and that helps ensure a time and proper digestion. So it is important to have in mind that you should control your meals and avoid the foods that tend to be irritating and bad for the health.
Dolor de estomago
  • Avoid eating too much fatty foods like fried foods, casseroles, stews, sauces and anything that has a high content of oils.
  • Controls the consumption of fizzy drinks such as soda, beer, energy drinks, among others.
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarette and coffee consumption, this type of things increase the acidity of the stomach and irritate the walls of the stomach.
  • Avoid eating freshly baked bread because falls badly for digestion.
  • Come whenever you have appetite and do so in small quantities, thus your body to generate digestive juices needed to digest food without problems.
  • Avoid the stress already that the digestive system is linked to the nervous system.
  • Take the time needed to consume the food properly, avoids eating races and chew well. When you take the time necessary and with calm, can chew your food very well and this will facilitate their digestion.
  • Be careful with the position of your body by eating, avoids eating lying or poorly seated.
  • Avoid eating in front of the TV and/or other distracting, when you do it often or give account of what you've eaten, usually doing this arises more anxiety about food.
  • Regularly conducts exercises, It is very good for health and influences much better digestion.

Foods that will help you be a better digestion

Just as there are foods that make a bad digestion, there are different alternatives to that on the contrary they will help a better functioning of the body and the digestive apparatus.

Fruit acids

Lemon, Orange, Apple or prunes are a great ally to have better digestion and prevent constipation. Drink your juice preferably on an empty stomach.

Dried fruits

Se recomienda consumir regularmente frutos secos para mejorar nuestra salud.
He is recommended to consume nuts regularly to improve our health.
Skinless almonds or hazelnuts are a great alternative to have a healthy breakfast that will help better digestion during the rest of the day.

Whole grains

Brown rice, oats and many other cereals facilitate intestinal transit and will help you to improve your digestive functions.

Olive oil

It is the best alternative to stop using fats such as margarine, butter and other oils that affect digestion. Also found that taking a little bit of olive oil in fasting, it has a lubricating effect on the intestine.

Liquids between meals

Water is the most advisable for a good digestion drink, you can take several times a day although it should not be taken in excess during meals. You can also choose to take natural smoothies and juices between each meal, it is advisable to wait 15 or 20 minutes after every meal to make its consumption.
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