Why are processed foods bad for our health?

Excess sugar, salt and additives carrying processed food causes addiction. That is why we feel that excessive need to eat a hamburger, but not a piece of fruit
¿Por qué los alimentos procesados son malos para nuestra salud?
There are no good reasons to eat processed foods but yes there are dozens of reasons to stop using them. Do you want to know what? Then read this article!
We have perhaps not realized but the vast majority of the products that are in our fridge or cupboard have indeed passed process and has turned them into 'artificial'.
While they want us to believe that it is something good for health and it is faster cooking, for example, the truth is that the food processed is more than harmful.

Processed food: Yes or no?

You may have read or seen many advertisements where they intimate you that only eating that hamburger or drinking this drink you'll be happy. However, that far from reality.
After an intake of fast food all you want is to NAP because it seems that you have increased 20 pounds, for example.
The idea is not to let eat the processed overnight overnight, because your body has already become used to them and perhaps the 'addiction' is very strong. Many do not like to say that word in regards to food, however, is what happens in the body.
Surely do not have a desire to uncontrolled eating an Apple or a tomato but a few potato chips. In that lies the addiction.
If you ever thought of a healthier diet, the first stages will be very difficult, that's the truth. The more time has passed since you started to eat processed, more complicated you will be leaving them.

Why is it not good to eat processed?

Processed foods are very rich, that nobody can deny it. But at what price?
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The process of converting simple products on insane

When we say that a food is processed is because they are not in their natural state, but as the Word suggests, happened by the way process (as it can be refined) and did this change of appearance and also on the amount of nutrients .
We also refer to processing when a food has more than two ingredients in its composition. Basically the origin of the product is changed and becomes in a different.
Worst of all is that many less proteins, vitamins to its "original edition". Nutrients are lost when adding preservatives, thickeners, flavouring, colouring, emulsifiers and much more.

They are detrimental to your body

Not many realize thedangers involved eating processed foods. Most of them have all the items listed before, whose long-term effects are questionable.
It is known that eating certain of these products cause cancer. The most dangerous are:
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT-E32)
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (E-320)
  • Aspartame (the best known)
These additives, among others, are not well digested by the body, because the body is not prepared for them. In the natural world do not exist, they are artificially created, therefore, they accumulate in the body.
Without reaching the end of cancer, processed foods cause:
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart problems
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cellular degeneration
  • Premature aging
If you eat fresh and organic food won't have to worry about the consequences for your health, but quite the opposite, as you will enjoy the benefits and even its healing properties.

We can make you sick or even kill

Greater transformation or processes which passes through food, will have fewer nutrients. The finished product is something that literally it has destroyed its original composition.
If you try, for example, organic rice or comprehensive and compare it with the refined (white) you will notice that it does not have the same taste at all. Producers is not interested in the taste of food, but sell more.
Then, they are much less outstanding products to maintain their essential nutrients. What matters to these entrepreneurs is that the lifespan increase (that do not rot) and for this purpose fill artificial preservatives.
It is true that when buying organic food then it gets ugly and have to eat it right away, but that is giving you the quality guideline. Food when they degrade within a few days is because they have a natural cycle. On the other hand, the artificial take over this process.

Create addiction

Again this word so hated by many. Since we can not create home a drink, a cookie or a Burger like that because you sell prepared, should make us think about the reasons.
You may think "because I don't have the magic recipe". Exactly why! Because in this secret recipe they include all kinds of ingredients that make us dependent. Excess sugar, salt and additives cause addiction.
And this, in turn, causes clear nutritional imbalance. Since we are not offering you the body need, demand more and more food.
The problem is also that our mind is being ruled by artificial elements of what we eat and is therefore that if you get to choose between a salad and a few French fries, you choose the second option.
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We get fat

Trucos para no volver a engordar
Processed food is one of the reasons for the obesity and overweight in the world. The food industry has created a partnership with serious health problems and we grow all the time.
With advertising and its new increasingly loaded with chemical formulas, entrepreneurs win, the food industry increased revenues but consumers are increasingly obese and sick. Da to think, is not true?
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