Very important for all parents! Secondary drowning in children

Secondary drowning can appear hours or even days after the dive. It is essential to put it to the attention of the doctor treating the patient as soon as possible
¡Muy importante para todos los padres! El ahogamiento secundario en los niños
With the arrival of the summer it is common that the unfortunate ever occur drownings at beaches or swimming pools. While it is true that it is a reality that affects both adults and children, we must be especially careful with the latter.
He keep track of his movements, take care of what moments are introduced on the beach or the pool has water treatment plants without grid, or other material risks is vital so children can enjoy a bath without risks.
We are sure that you you also estremeces with the news of those terrible where children lose their lives after suffering a drowning accidents.
However, it is not so well known is another type of incidents every year, is also carried several children's lives...
We are talking about secondary drowning. In this case we have to children or adults as having undergone a brief drowning, they are rescued and reanimated.
They return home with normality, but within hours or days, they begin to feel very tired, they are cast to sleep and, unfortunately, already no longer wake up. Terrible but true.
Let's talk today of secondary drowning for your safety and that of children.

Secondary drowning: a silent death

piscina padre hija
Will start telling you a story that happened very recently. Lindsay Kujawa is known for wearing a blog very original about cooking, recipes crafts reflections personal a mother, etc.
The news of his experience jumped to media such as the of almost immediate and, soon, on his own blog: his son had suffered a drowning in the pool of the House during a party. He had been under the water for several seconds and, fortunately, they had been able to revive him.
Everything was going well but, even so, Lindsay you told your pediatrician what happened and left a message on his answering machine. What was his surprise by the rapid reaction of the specialist, indicating that it was to take the child to the emergency room as soon as possible.
When Lindsay went to look for his son, he realized that only child wanted sleep. I was very tired and began to limp in one leg. Something was happening. After several tests at the hospital the information could not be clearer.
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The child's lungs were irritated and inflamed because of chemicals usual having water in all pools. Her oxygen levels were falling by seconds and in addition, "I was drowning" almost without realizing it.
The medical they could save the child after spending several days with care and attention. It was all a luck, all relief and all a successful reaction from doctors, paediatricians and the own Lindsay Kujawa, who took the precaution of informing the doctor of his son what happened almost at the time.
But not all stories have happyending. We know that there are many children who die this way. After a drowning, it may take up to 3 days without showing clear symptoms that there is a problem, hence the seriousness and, of course, tragedy.

What you should know about child choking and drowning on dry

  • Dry drowning occurs when the body and the brain "feel" that will swallow water. So what it does is produce a spasm of the larynx close by way of protection. No water enters, but also enters air, which makes that we stay without oxygen.
  • Secondary drowning often occurs when water enters the lungs and stagnates. We can revive the child, but that water is liquid stored becoming soon in a pulmonary edema.
This pulmonary edema is no problem at first, but after the hours and even days can cause death.
  • We also have to note that the water of the swimming pools contains many chemicals. If they are swallowed and remain in the lungs, inflamed them and irritated.
  • Chlorine is a great irritant of the bronchi.
  • After a drowning can make the child to eject some of the water and that it reanimates normally, but can still be a little water in the lungs.
Within hours, that water inflamed bronchi, thus appearing edema and, consequently, a reduction of oxygen in blood.
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  • If your child suffers from a drowning, however small that is and although recovered, no matter: take him to the emergency room.
  • Don't you miss the children at any time when they are on the beach or swimming pools.
  • Get to Learn how to swim as soon as possible.
  • Now well, but they know how to swim, not you trust. Sometimes you can suffer dizziness or stay engaged with anything in the pool, so worth making station"guardians" and watch each of their steps.
Enjoy with them bath in summer, but always keep in mind this type of information. It is worth it!
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