Sunburn Art, dangerous fashion of the summer in the United States

The practice of this fashion leads to suffering from burns, permanent damage in the dermis, or, in the worst cases, the development of cancer
Sunburn Art, la peligrosa moda del verano en Estados Unidos
The "boom" that have had social networks in recent years has made many people believe an lot of trends and fashions that are not always harmless.
The idea of wanting to stand out and be popular in these media has generated some negative thoughts in people, which sometimes can threaten its integrity and health.
This is the case of a new trend known as Sunburn Art or so Tattoo that you are taking the summer 2015 in United States and which is increasingly more malware on social networks by a series of photographs that have been published the young people who have undergone this process.
This dangerous trend is to Dodge to sunlight for long time to become a "tattoo" using some element that believes any drawing or text.
Of course, after seeing the photographs over the Internet and social media to become trend things, specialists in skin cancer and other diseases associated with exposure to the Sun have reacted to warn people how dangerous that are these practices and the risk that gets when your skin exposed so knowing how dangerous are.
People who already have joined the fashion of the SunburnArt what they do is apply a sunscreen of high density or other object blocking the sunlight to trace the drawing that you want to print in the skin.
Dermatologists have been reported to the general population that this careful idea against health, already that leads to suffering from burns, permanent damage on the skin or in the worst cases, the development of cancer.
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The risk of this practice is even bigger than the usual exhibition at the beaches and pools, since most of the body is left unprotected when exposed directly to the Sun and the person is aware of this.
"Here is where popular culture clashes with the medical warnings," said the doctor in dermatology Barney Kenet American chain ABC. In addition, recalled that currently already know that Sun has serious effects in each person, since it generates wrinkles and freckles, and also causes skin cancer, mainly melanomas.
The danger of this practice, the United States Skin Cancer Foundation also issued a statement which encouraged to avoid exposure to the Sun in all its forms.
Deborah Sarnoff, Vice President of the Organization, warned that the practice of the Sunburn Art is a painful process that exposes the person to many dangers and many consequences.
Long exposure to the Sun without any protection can cause serious damage in the DNA of the skin, accelerating his aging and increasing the chances of getting cancer.
In fact, it is estimated that people who have five or more sunburn during youth, have up to an 80% greater risk of developing melanoma, which is the type of skin cancer more aggressive.

The danger of the Sun for the skin

The Sun emits different types of radiation, and most can be exploited for the production of renewable solar energy. 90% of the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun fails to reach the surface of the Earth, but 10% if passing is enough to cause some effects in humans.
One of the main risks to overexpose the Sun is getting skin cancer, especially malignant melanoma. But in addition, exposed to the Sun causes premature aging, staining and other damage that may be irreversible.
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For many years warning about these risks, but despite this people continue exposing to the Sun every day without protection or, in worst cases, they Sun willingly to achieve a "Tan".
Sitemap reveals that melanomas were the reason for 73 000 cases of cancer in the past year. In addition, several scientific studies have estimated that for every one percent loss in the ozone layer, develop 250 000 cases of cancer caused by solar radiation.
Correct and regular use of sunscreens and, of course, avoid prolonged exposure to the Sun, can dramatically reduce the risk of all the negative effects of UV rays.
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