Which is the most healthy color to paint my house?

To promote creativity in the workplace, we can paint the walls of our office of yellow or orange pain. You can add green decoration to balance
¿De qué colores pinto mi casa para que sea saludable?
Chromotherapy is used therapeutically colors. Each color has characteristics and specific healing properties that make it ideal for every person and every circumstance.
In this article we explain the properties of each color and how we can use them positively in our home to get the most out of each room.

The properties of the colors

  • White: neutral color, conveys purity and luminosity.
  • Yellow: A color very cleansing and balancing. Ideal for promote the intellectual work, since it facilitates the concentration and improves the reflexes. It also has antidepressant effects and is related to the digestive system.
  • Orange: color that enhances creativity, extroversion and optimism. It is a very energetic color and providing heat, which makes it a good color for too cold spaces. It is also recommended to increase the libido.
  • Red: the most stimulating and energetic, Enhancer color of blood circulation. It is ideal in cases of anemia, apathy, problems of frigidity and sterility or hypotension, cold. Very positive if used correctly, but also can be very harmful if we use it in the wrong place, since it can also increase aggressiveness and irritation, or worsen cases of inflammations and pain.
  • Blue: as opposed to red, blue is a relaxing and refreshing, well suited for rooms too hot... It is a spiritual and anti-inflammatory.
  • Green: the color of nature is the most balancing, it brings harmony. Power cell regeneration and helps combat stress and fatigue. In addition, it is the colour of the liver.
  • Turquoise: this combination of blue and green helps to strengthen the immune system and provides family serenity.
  • Violet: is the most spiritual color, which increases the intuition. It also has relaxing effects, thanks to its content of blue.

The temperature of the colors

We have already mentioned that some colours bring warmth and others cool. In brief, are as follows:
  • Cold: blue, violet, green.
  • Heat: yellow, Orange, red.
This it will have in mind when we decide for one color or another when it comes to painting a stay. If the room is already painted, we can give you the coolness or warmth using curtains, lamps, sofas, cushions and carpets of the chosen color.

The bedroom

The color of the bedroom is very important, because in it we spend many hours a day. The color should have two main objectives:
  • Promote relaxation and rest
  • Help balance the relationship of the couple
In general we will prioritize the refreshing colors, although always take into account the personality of each one. While Red is the color of sensuality, avoid painting the walls of this color since it can promote discussions. Instead, opt for soft violet or blue tones, both very relaxing, and can put some decorative details of other colors according to the effects that we want to promote. For example, if the couple suffers from frigidity problems opt for purple walls and decoration orange or red.
dormitorio caribb

The law firm

In the workplace we want, in general, promote the creativity and intellect. The two most suitable colors will be, in this case, the yellow and orange. Yes, on the other hand, it is a job too stressful, we opt for colors less stimulants and more balancing, such as for example the green. We can also provide the Green by adding plants in the room.


Classroom families share typically is a meeting space, so it is recommended warm colours. Also in this case, according to the personality of the family, we will add decorative elements of other colors.
comedor ParksTally


In the kitchen we must seek balance of stimulating and relaxing colours. The Orange touches, for example, will help us have a creative, vital and optimistic attitude to the hroa of cooking. But no brush with a unique stimulating color, but rather we will try to combine furniture and walls to make it also a relaxing space. White could also be one of the colors, it is important that the kitchen also transmit cleaning.
cocina georgiapeachez


In the case of the bathrooms we can also combine bright and soft colors, although bathroom could also be all white with more eye-catching decorative elements.
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