What to do to prevent arthritis?

¿Qué hacer para evitar la artrosis?

Arthritis is a disease that affects the majority of the people of the third age. While some genetic factors, hormonal factors and the elderly can make arthritis a wrong almost inevitable, you can always take steps to delay his appearance and his advance.

Continue reading to learn a little more about this condition and for know what you can do today to prevent osteoarthritis in the future.

What exactly is arthrosis?

Osteoarthritis is the wear of the cartilage lining the joints. When cartilage wears away, the friction between the bones that form the joint causes inflammation, causing pain and loss of mobility. Osteoarthritis affects nearly 80% of persons over the age of 80.

However, this condition may appear at much younger ages, especially in postmenopausal women and in people predisposed to suffer osteoarthritis by genetic or other factors.

While the wear of the cartilage with the age cannot be fully avoided, yes it is possible to take steps to delay the onset of osteoarthritis and have healthy and flexible joints for much longer.

Avoid overweight and obesity

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Overweight and obesity can be the cause of osteoarthritis and in addition, can also make this advance faster. If joints must support more weight of normal, they will be overloaded and will wear more easily. Therefore, maintain a proper body weight is the first step to avoid osteoarthritis.

Moderate, low-impact exercises

Muscles help to maintain stability in the different joints. For this reason, have strong muscles will help delay the you wear of the cartilage and prevent osteoarthritis. We recommend low-impact, such as swimming, Pilates and cycling exercises, to strengthen muscles, without overloading joints.

Maintain good posture

The position that takes your body to rest or perform daily activities is also an important factor to prevent osteoarthritis. Poor posture can strain a joint and make it wear more quickly. Here are some tips related to the position:

- Prevents sit in chairs or very low armchairs, to reduce the strain on the knees.

- Sleep on a firm mattress.

- Keep your right vertebral column; you do not slouch.

Take care of your joints in daily activities

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There are several steps you can take to keep your joints in good condition, while you perform everyday activities. These are some of them:

- As far as possible, avoid lifting and hauling heavy loads. If necessary, use a cart to carry purchases.

- If you have to lift a weight, Crouch first flexing the knees, then lift it, at the same time as estiras legs.

- Avoid walking too soft or uneven terrain.

- Try not to remain long standing.

Following these simple tips, insurance will be able to have healthy joints for a longer time. However, if symptoms such as pain or stiffness, joint, always should consult your primary care physician, to perform a proper diagnosis.

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