Oats, the Queen of cereals

Avena, la Reina de los Cereales
It is curious to know how the oats was recently considered a weed, and then its cultivation was only used as food for animals. Later they were getting to know its nutritional and healing properties which make considering it now as the Queen of cereals.
Although it is no evidence of ancient cultures in Central Asia, archaeologists found its origins in Central Europe, where they found evidence of its use since the bronze age. Also in excavations dated in ancient Egyptian dynasties appeared remains of oats, but there is no security if they were wild remains.

Currently is in the Center and North of Europe, in addition to North America, where its culture is more extensive. In Spain and Latin America a great engine of oats as a Superfood is the Doctor Pros, who has written extensive bibliography about the benefits of the best of cereals based on scientific studies.

The OAT plant

It is an annual grass family herb. The species most used for cultivation is the Avena Sativa, followed by the Avena Byzantina. The seeds are a prized food as well as natural remedies cereal.
The plant usually reaches the meter and a half tall and has about 4 centimeters long lanceolate leaves. The flowers are spikes, similar to wheat or barley, which transmit this bucolic feeling of peace to contemplate extensive meadows gilded by the Sun, indicating that it is the right time to harvest your grain.

The Queen of cereals

espiga de avena  Manuel Martin
But its largest component is the starch, is rich in proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. It is the cereal with the highest proportion of vegetable fat, with 65% of unsaturated fat and 35% linoleic acid (with an interesting contribution of Omega 3).
Vitamins that oats offers include the B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin E. Also nurtures us with minerals such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron and sulfur. In addition will help us with a lot of fiber and gluten, so is not suitable for celiac.
In 100 grams of oats we find 335 calories spread over 12 grams of protein, 60 grams carbohydrates, 6 grams fiber, 7 grams of healthy fat. In addition to how explained the large supply of vitamins and minerals, excelling in its concentration, vitamins B1, B2, E, and minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Preferred by athletes

It is unusual to have athletes and fans to the gym soon include oats in your diet, either as copos-hojuelas for breakfast and snacks, in its smoothies as a vegetable drink or in any of its different presentations.
Its wealth in carbohydrates of easy assimilation and its protein with six of the eight amino acids essential, very on top of any other cereal, make it ideal for nourishing the body who has a spending above the average, both organic and muscular.
In addition their unsaturated fats are not only healthy but it needed to regulate the metabolism in general, which helps to balance the weight. So it is recommended to consume it both before and after exercise.
Its great endowment of vitamins is also very beneficial to who through the exercise needs to replace the effected high consumption. The vitamins of the B complex, especially B5 and B1, collaborate to metabolize carbohydrates, which is essential in obtaining energy during exertion.
Its rich contribution of minerals such as potassium, which collaborates in the electrolyte of the body balance to high in the exercise, sweating and magnesium, calcium or phosphorus as needed to the working muscle and neuromuscular functioning.

How to consume it?

La avena puede ser consumida en formas variadas; existen muchas posibilidades de consumo.
Oats can be consumed in various forms; There are many possibilities of consumption.
The most recommended is to eat organic whole-grain oats, as it has all the nutrients without the danger of contaminating products attached such as fertilizer and chemical poisons employees in the culture; but also for the great contribution of fiber that will help us to reduce cholesterol and improve the intestinal transit.
Take two tablespoons of flakes a day already gives us 100 calories with all its nutrients, if in addition we accompany them yogurt, kefir, a glass of vegetable milk oats or simply sweetened hot water to taste with honey or sugar, then we have a supply of energy to meet one of the main meals of the day. You can add some fruit such as Apple, pear or banana for a change.
Plant milk or oat Smoothie gets boiling about 100 grams of copos-hojuelas in a liter of water, a tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Once it has boiled everything down the fire and maintain fire 5 minutes slow.
Let stand 10 minutes, then you should spend it all by the mixer and filter after stirring, with a cloth strainer if possible. Add cinnamon and sugar to taste, can also be a natural as the stevia sweetener. Leave to cool or eat hot according to the need or the station.
Other business presentations to consume oats can be; in natural extract, grain biological, swollen oats, muesli, flakes of varied cereals, flakes comprehensive biological, tablets, oatmeal, muesli with fruit, oat bran, Bran in tablets or in cereals pancakes.
También es muy usada en recetas de panadería y repostería acompañando panes, bizcochos, galletas, magdalenas y todo tipo de elaborados al horno.
It is also widely used in recipes of bakery and confectionery accompanying breads, cakes, cookies, muffins and all sorts of elaborate baked.
Also using oatmeal mixed with ground meat to make meatballs and other dishes instead of wheat flour or mixing it with her. Along with the citrus flavour of multiply antioxidant effects.
We will give a simple recipe to make a rich dessert of oats with milk:
  • Ingredients. Oatmeal pudding is a dish prepared in the same way as rice pudding. Ingredients for two people are half a liter of milk, Brown to taste, cinnamon sugar, two cloves, strips of bark, lemon and half a cup of oatmeal hojuelas-copos.
  • Preparation. Put a cup of water and smell with a lemon rind Brads in a pan, add the hojuelas-copos of oats and cook them until they are ready. In another pan boil the milk with a piece of cinnamon in branch and the brown sugar.
  • Elaboration. After bringing it to a boil, we got the fire and we are adding milk to the pot with the cooked copos-hojuelas. We have a few minutes to fire slowly stirring with a wooden spoon and remove fire where thickness is our taste.
  • Capstone. Once served in deep dish or bowl, we can sprinkle cinnamon, sugar or cocoa to taste. Add the greediest one teaspoon of condensed milk, caramel or cream of cacao to culminate and scrumptious.

Do oatmeal fattening?

ingredientes, avena con manzana  Max
You must know very well what ingredients combine with oats.
Sometimes it is not oats that fattening, but companions. Two tablespoons of oats have just 100 calories that provide us with nutrition and health. But if we accompany them in honey, sugar and other caloric products, milk, yogurt, fruit and other cereals (muesli), can then increase the weight, but is not the fault of the healthy oatmeal.
Moreover, a moderate of oat consumption ensure experts such as Dr. Pros, will help us to lose weight to stimulate metabolism and contribute to better absorb nutrients, in addition to facilitating intestinal transit (especially if it is integral) with its fiber.
Oats brings feeling of satiation and is diuretic, prevents anxiety, all factors that favor slimming. Some diets to slow cholesterol and reduce blood sugar, based on the regular consumption of oats, have managed to lower to 4 kilos in a week, with ingredients such as oatmeal, fruit, vegetables, cheese, nuts, lots of water and broths mostly.
These cleansing diets are very effective and usually last one week. It is very convenient to make them precisely in these times of change.

Therapeutic properties

Many are the benefits of oatmeal provides to our health. Among its varied therapeutic properties could be noted: it is regenerating the skin (emollient), great heart tonic, balances blood sugar levels, restorative organic (Analeptics) vital activity, mild laxative, reduces anxiety and stress (timoleptico), cardiac tonic, anti-dispeptico (stimulates digestion), combat weakness (anti-astenico), antispasmodic, relaxing natural that induces sleep (narcotic) and anti-diarreico.
The leaf of the plant dissected in the oven has soothing and anticonvulsants, narcotic effects. Extra contribution of soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol while the insoluble has a gently laxative effect ideal for young children and older people. Also reduces blood pressure thanks to its high content of potassium.
Its contribution in phosphorus and sulfur strengthens nails, reduces hair loss and regenerates the skin. With its internal use oats acts as a diuretic, still the hunger, combat cough or bronchitis, favors the fertility and improve menstrual disorders and menopause.
Cuidado de la piel a traves de los alimentos
In its external use oats it considerably improves all kinds of problems in the skin like psoriasis, hives, dermatitis, acne or sunburn. Also used as a poultice to soothe rheumatic discomfort, sciatica, or hepatic pains.
It also benefits its consumption in cases of degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Oats also relaxing the nervous system so it is indicated for cases of insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Home remedies

Its grain or seed without the skin is cooked to make herbal teas that fight colds and bronchitis as well as inflammations of the digestive tract. Also the Oatmeal smoothie is taken with stevia for cooling, benefiting diabetics and also helping with its diuretic effect.
For external use due to arthritis or rheumatic apply poultices of oats cooked with vinegar. Also is consumed as flour to improve and strengthen the mothers during breastfeeding.
Straw is sedative and mineralising, once dried in the oven. Some simple preparations that we can do at home with the basis of flakes or oatmeal, water, vinegar or milk would be:
  • Oatmeal water to lower cholesterol: Add three tablespoons of oats in a liter of water and left to soak overnight. The next morning is going drinking cups to all day long them.
  • Tea or infusion of oats: prepares boiling 5 tablespoons of oats in a liter of water. Let stand 30 minutes and is passed through the sieve. Drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach and another in the evening before bedtime to reduce uric acid. Also this oatmeal tea is also indicated to prevent fluid retention, poor digestion, cases of flu, colds, bronchitis, and disorders of the kidneys or bladder.
  • Oatmeal for skin bath: heats the water in the tub and added a glass of flakes or oatmeal flakes so that it will broadcast its properties. A bath of twenty minutes, in addition to treating skin problems will also help us to relax and fall asleep.
  • Infusion of oats for anxiety: six tablespoons of oatmeal in half a litre of water, after BREW this infusion take less 15 minutes before each meal, with the stomach empty. In all infusions of oats being can leverage the solid part to mix with yogurt, honey or other ingredients.
  • Oatmeal mask: in half a cup of milk add three tablespoons of oats and heat. Beat until thick and cool. Then apply it on the face for 15 minutes. It is very beneficial for acne and regenerate the skin.
  • Poultice with vinegar: ideal for lumbago, sciatica and also as a compress chest colds and bronchitis. A glass of Apple Cider vinegar is boiled and add oatmeal to thicken it as a porridge. Applies hot with gauze on the affected part.

Side effects

We always recommend dosages and dosage with your doctor naturopath or allopathic treatment of ailments. In principle, contraindications do not occur in the case of oats in bare copos-hojuelas. It is the bran or skin of the whole-grain oats that can produce some setbacks as: stomach bloating, gas and diarrhea and colic, intestinal obstruction and problems in the absorption of nutrients.
Is contraindicated the use of the whole-grain oats or its bran in cases of irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal occlusion, short bowel, obstructed or inflamed gallbladder, ulcerative colitis and osteoporosis.
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