What food should not be stored in the fridge?

If we keep tomatoes in the refrigerator will lose all their flavor and worsen its texture. The same is true with melon and peach
¿Qué alimentos no se deben de guardar en la nevera?
Usually most of the people tend to keep all their products from the family shopping basket in the fridge, this is a serious mistake since that not all products are made to withstand the cold and the conditions of a fridge, instead occasionally cold accelerate its decomposition or it can change its original flavor.
It is true that many products require refrigeration and even this lengthens its shelf life, but as consumers we must also inform us about those foods that can occur in the fridge and losing their properties because of low temperatures. Then go to see a list of the foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator for any reason.


Tomatoes lose their flavor in the fridge making it more tasteless, its texture It is altered since the cold makes it more mealy to break their inner membranes and low temperatures prevent maturation.


Que propiedades tiene el jugo de patata cruda
The potatoes are affected since temperatures make them more mealy, this makes the starch into sugars and flavor change. You should be kept in paper bags since they will thus take more to decompose.


It is one of the foods that most keep in the refrigerator and this is a serious mistake. Bread in low temperature aging faster and lose their flavor. You should be kept in a cool, dry place or you can cut it into slices and bring it to the freezer for later reuse.

Tropical fruits in general

Drenar piña
As fruits of warm climates, low temperature of the refrigerator does not favor them at all. Fruits such as pineapple, watermelon, passion fruit, avocados, bananas, among others, not should be stored in the refrigerator because their decomposition accelerates prevents its proper maturation and its natural flavor changes, and can even be uncomfortable.

Onion and garlic

When subjected to low temperatures, the onion and the garlic become hardened and lose their properties. Please keep them in a dark, cool, dry place preferably in a cloth bag.

Dry cheese

Queso vegano
It is common to store the cheese in the refrigerator because it is believed that there it will be better. Depending on the type of cheese, the refrigerator can be a mistake which can change the flavor and may make it more tasteless. Cheese dry like Parmesan or one similar, does not require refrigeration because you can lose its flavor, as an alternative you can use an airtight container placed at room temperature.

Melons and peaches

Less than 10 degrees lose their flavor and some of its properties, in this case it is preferable to keep them at room temperature.

Honey bee

Submit honey at low temperatures is a serious mistake. Honey due to its components and PH keeps outdoor good condition and preserved all the time for consumption; When we keep the honey in the fridge it tends to crystallize and will lose many of their properties.

Olive oil

The olive oil in the refrigerator is condensed and hardened, there takes a form like the butter and besides this it loses its flavor. Ideally, keep it in a cool place and away from light.


When chocolate is subjected for a long time at low temperatures as the refrigerator, a white coating that will change its flavor develops in. It is ideal to keep it at room temperature and away from light, also should be avoided at high temperatures.


The coffee in the fridge undergoes a change similar to the chocolate, creates a coating that changes its flavor and also loses its particular smell.

Cereals, pasta, flours and sugar

Healthy breakfast
This type of food are made to be stored at room temperature, when subjected to low temperatures lose their properties, vitamins, flavor and texture.

Special hams

There are different types of ham to the refrigerated loses the "Special" taste that characterizes it, despite being similar to cold meats, these were designed to keep at room temperature.


Basil not be refrigerated because low temperatures wither it quickly and accelerate its process of decomposition. In addition to this it tends to acquire the smell of other foods you may have chilled, should be kept in a glass with water in the open air so that it is better preserved.
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