Learn how to take care of your vocal cords

Aprende a cuidar tus cuerdas vocales
With changes in temperature, by tobacco, by breathing through the mouth, drinks cold, irritating food, for speaking out in excess and for other reasons continually damage our vocal cords, causing problems such as hoarseness and dysphonia.
This article gives tips and natural remedies to take good care of the vocal cords easily, especially for people who often suffer from inflammation, or for those who must use them often, talking too much in his routine or even singing.

What does harm our vocal cords?

The first step to care for our vocal cords is to learn what are the things that harm them to prevent they swell.
  • Tobacco affects not only our lungs and our health in general, intoxicating us gradually, but it also irritates and dries out our vocal cords. With the passage of time the timbre of your voice changes if we do not allow smoking.
  • A poor diet negatively affects our vocal cords, especially foods that irritate or acidify, either those who cause mucus, such as the dairy.
  • Negative emotional and nervous States such as stress and anxiety much damage our health in general, us unbalanced and, in this case, also affect our vocal cords.
  • Not good sleep: it is important to rest well at night if we want to take care of our voice. Singers notice as his voice deepens when they have not rested properly.
  • Speak incorrectly: many people speak making harmful stresses, at a very high volume, carraspean continuously. These habits are very harmful. Attend a phoniatrist can be of great help, especially for those who suffer loss of voice often.
  • The best thing for the vocal cords is always drinking liquids at room temperature, warm or slightly warm. We will never drink drinks hot or cold, since that affects not only the vocal cords but also the digestive processes.
  • Many people breathe through the mouth during the day and also at night. This irritates and dries out the vocal cords. It is essential to learn to inspire through the nose. A measure which we get used is done well also in natural way overnight.
In some cases the cause of the problems in the vocal cords can be any type of injury as nodules or polyps, or diseases of the respiratory system. So if we have recurrent voice loss we recommend to always consult a specialist.
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Herbal infusions

One of the most simple remedies to prevent vocal problems is accustomed to taking daily warm infusions of medicinal plants that have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore we recommend to combine or switch as follows:
  • Chamomile
  • Thyme
  • Ginger
  • Plantain
  • Marshmallow
  • Common Agrimony
In addition, we'll add them a splash of lemon juice and a bit of honey or pure stevia.
We will take the Teas in fasting, mid-morning and half late.
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Licorice tablets

Licorice tablets are an excellent choice to take over and be taking throughout the day, since help us to cough up and reduce inflammation of the Airways. We should just keep in mind that it can raise tension slightly, by what the people with hypertension should be city. We will try to be quality, without sugar pills or other additives. We can get them in dietary, health food stores and pharmacies.
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Propolis, a natural antibiotic

This natural antibiotic is excellent to maintain healthy our vocal cords. We take it with hot water throughout the day. In moments of hoarseness can take directly or with water five drops every hour until you feel improvement.

A very simple exercise

The most simple way we can relax and desinflamar in brief moments our vocal cords. For example, it is an ideal choice to do before giving a talk or sing. It consists of grab the tongue (with a clean cloth) and gently stretch outward, slightly by moving it in all directions. We'll do it for a few seconds and repeat the exercise two or three times. Although the feeling is strange as we do, at the end we will notice a greater well-being.
Images courtesy of Tonino Donato, n_sapiens and Denni Schnapp
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