Why is therapy with frozen lemon good for your health?

¿Por qué la terapia con limón congelado es buena para tu salud?
In our space you often speak of the great benefits of warm water with lemon in the morning but you know already frozen lemon medicinal virtues? It is a very popular technique through which take advantage of all of the properties that can bring us this fruit as healthy.
The main secret of therapy with frozen lemon is take advantage, in the most simple and delicious way possible, that part of the lemon that both can do for our health: the shell. would like to know how? We will explain you.

Why is frozen lemon therapy as beneficial?

First of all we must explain why they call it 'therapy' frozen lemon. Many people suffering from cancer often use this remedy as a "complement" to its sessions of chemotherapy. The reason for this is based in its antioxidant power to fight malignant cells and their ability to protect the defenses natural of these cancer patients subjected, as you know, some very aggressive treatments that seriously attack the immune system.
Thus, it is a very suitable treatment in these cases. However, we cannot speak at all of it as a remedy anti-cancer 100% effective; It is, as we say, a complementary therapy that can help us in these cases, both to prevent tumors, as counter the effects of chemotherapy.
However, the anti-cancer power of frozen lemon is not its only virtue. You will learn a few more. We take note?

1. a natural treasure of vitamins

The lemon peel has up to 10 times more vitamins than the own juice! It is really interesting to know that it is in the own crust of this medicinal fruit hiding their best profits, those that escape us to not consume it, to always remove the shell to obtain the juice.
Want to know what kind of vitamins are going to get with the frozen lemon therapy?
  • Hydrating.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Flavonoids as the tangeritina.
  • More than 22 different compounds capable of stop the cell oxidation.

2 it protects and strengthens our immune system

It is wonderful. Frozen lemon therapy will combat many of these everyday diseases to which we are exposed, such as Classic colds, infections, the you flus... There are many people preparing, for example, rich lemon peel infusions, but it is important to know that, with the cooking, we lose up to 40% of their properties. On the other hand, if we freeze it, we retain all profits and it is easier to consume it. And it is delicious!

3. frozen lemon for weight loss

As you may know, lemon is a fruit very suitable to purify the body and combat the presence of these lipids in the blood causing the bad cholesterol , and that is stored in the form of fats in our body. According to us nutritionists, it would be desirable to consume about 75 grams of lemon per day for to go losing weight in a healthy way, always accompanying them a proper diet. We try it?

How do I prepare my frozen lemon?

limón rallado
Prepare your therapy with frozen lemon is so easy that you will not be able to do without this natural remedy in your day to day, and not only because of how easy that is elaborate, but for its flavor and original dishes that you are going to get. Takes note of what you have to do:

What do I need?

  • 2 lemons.
  • A grater.

How do I prepare it?

Is as easy as entering these two lemons in your freezer for a day. There is no greater secret. There are who prefers to cut it before in two or three parts, to shred it more easily, but it is better to put them whole.

How to can I consume my frozen lemons?

You can include grated lemon frozen in your breakfast
As I have said before, it is eating 75 grams of lemon frozen a day. For this reason, what we will do will be shredding once are completely frozen to then be able to consume it whole. You will immediately notice its natural fragrance and will be able to include it in your dishes to give them a touch of original and really delicious. We give you some simple examples of how you can use it:
  • Include 25 g of grated frozen lemon in a natural yoghurt without sugar.
  • 25 grams of frozen grated lemon on your salad at noon, where you include spinach, nuts, cheese, a few small pieces of salmon and a few cherry tomatoes.
  • You can add frozen lemon to any of your teas fresh, as a cool green tea or a natural drink of fresh fresh, also ideal for the middle of the afternoon.
  • Frozen lemon also combines excellent mode in any fruit salad that you can do yourself. Thus, for example, a tasty option is to prepare a bowl with a twist of pineapple, three strawberries, half kiwi, a chopped nut and about 25 grams of frozen lemon grated on top.
Frozen lemon technique helps us, as you can see, take advantage of the benefits of that crust that usually just discarded. Remember that, from now on, you have no excuse: your family and you are offered an "iron" health thanks to this effective remedy. Put two lemons in our freezer today itself?
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