What can cause you abdominal inflammation? how to treat it?

Although it is usually due to the accumulation of gases which are of no greater complication, it is important to know other possible causes of abdominal inflammation and take them into account
¿Qué te puede causar inflamación abdominal?¿Cómo tratarla?
All want to have a flat stomach and worthy look. And is that you apart from being aesthetically bad, have swollen abdomen may be a sign that something is not quite right in your body. Most likely is that your health may be compromised, and therefore that the reaction of your abdomen is swollen.
Abdominal inflammation can not only get you to cause discomfort, but it can lead to other more serious discomfort, as for example the irritable bowel syndrome, East to name just a few of the causes by which you can have the swollen abdomen. So according to experts is very necessary to know what can get you affect, and all how to prevent it.
Then we'll show you some of the most common causes that cause abdominal swelling. Also we will tell you how you should be treated, and if your case, try to avoid them to prevent major health risks.


Constipation is one of the main causes of bulging belly. A diet low in fiber, fluids and if this add, little physical activity, will cause your body to suffer constipation. So avoid it by eating more fruits, vegetables, legumes and seeds. In addition to this attempts to drink plenty of fluids and play a cardiovascular sport for a minimum of 30 minutes daily.


There are many people who have allergies to different types of food. Some of these allergies can cause abdominal swelling. Lactose, for example, It can be one of the most frequent swelling causes, since it causes to gases accumulate in the body, so it is best that if you're allergic to this food, you substitute for yogurt, cheese and milk deslactosados and low in fats.

Speed in meals


Some bad habits, such as for example, chewing very fast food also will make you have an abdominal inflammation. This since your body can suffer indigestion if you enter excess air when eating way too light. Why we recommend that you eat slower, which will make you enjoy more of your food, and at the same time you quench faster, that will take to you to eat less.
There is another reason that may cause bulging in your stomach, and is often confused with another type of condition, and is the pregnancy. If this is your case or perhaps you have a question, we recommend that you practise a pregnancy test. If you leave positive start to attend pregnancy normal controls, to prevent future problems of gestation or the baby.

Accumulation of liquids

The accumulation of fluids will also make your abdomen to swell. If so, it is preferable that you consult your doctor, as this can be serious.

Processed foods


Processed foods is another cause of abdominal inflammation. Many specialists gastroenterologists say that some people have too much air in the stomach and this occurs due to excess in the consumption of artificially sweetened foods. This type of foods are usually high in sodium and low in fiber, two substances that will not wait for ignite your abdomen. That is why experts recommend you that at the time of purchase your food you try to take with you the products that are low or free of sodium.


Diseases may also cause inflammation in your abdomen. Some of them are: cardiovascular diseases and tumors, cirrhosis, appendicitis, stomach ulcer, diverticulitis, pancreatitis and menstrual syndrome, among others. You must be clear that if it is your case, that you may be suffering from one of these diseases or otherwise, is necessary to pay particular attention to this condition and visit your doctor. It is indispensable that through a diagnosis get out of doubts and start to have healthier habits in terms of food, workout, routines of relaxation etc.
Should finally know that abdominal inflammation is usually caused by an inadequate power supply, or bad habits of life. We recommend that you consume foods rich in fiber, your stomach will thank you. Fruits and vegetables also help improve your digestion, it will be translated in a flatter abdomen.
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