What can cause kidney failure? How to prevent it?

¿Qué puede causar insuficiencia renal? ¿Cómo prevenirlo?
Renal failure is a condition in which the kidneys stop working as it should be. As all know, kidneys are one of the most important organs of our body, so it must provide them with all the necessary care to keep these function.
Among the reasons that can cause kidney failure, we can find the following.

Most common causes

Toxic agents

All those substances which are harmful to the kidney may impair this important body, these substances include for example the arsenic, in addition to some poisonous mushrooms, among many more.

Infectious diseases

Some infectious diseases that affect the kidneys can cause severe and irreversible damage to these organs, surely this is one of the main reasons that stop working in a correct and efficient way.

The lack of fluids

Liquid is essential to keep the kidneys their correct function, since this helps to eliminate toxins that may accumulate in them, therefore if there is enough liquid harmful substances accumulate, on the other hand, if an amount is drunk this adequate water sweeps these substances through the urine.
Among other no less important causes, is a complication that may occur to a pregnant woman during pregnancy, also have shocks or injuries suffered during an accident, by the destruction of tissue that has been produced by burns or for any other reason.

How can I fight the kidney failure?

To improve the problem of kidney failure is necessary to maintain an absolute rest, for a few weeks You should abstain from doing any kind of physical activity, in addition to a diet which includes very small amounts of protein and fat.

What food do eat when you suffer from kidney failure?

At the same time in which the kidneys stop working properly, be much more careful with everything what is consumed, since if they already don't work correctly throughout the body will be affected, since the kidneys are responsible for cleaning it of all the substances that cause you damage.
The most important recommendation that should be anyone who has kidney failure in terms of food is to eat very low potassium content, is very important to take this into account.
So, taking into account the recommended, the vegetables that can be eaten are lettuce, cucumber, green and red peppers, onion, carrot, eggplant, fresh asparagus. In terms of fruits suitable for this condition may be consumed with tranquility PEAR, lemon, Apple, cranberries, watermelon, as well as some fruits in syrup like pineapple and pear.
Agua de berenjena
Proteins that may be included are fish, ox, rabbit or goat meat, as well as egg whites, for foods that provide sodium can recommend veal or pork and homemade soups, for the contribution of phosphorus have bread, pasta, white rice and grapes.
Recommendations for the consumption of these foods for people with kidney failure should be consulted with the physician before adding them to the diet definitely is important to have the opinion and the consent of the professional who has in his hands each and every process for which we have been going.

Foods you should not eat when there is renal failure?

Among the foods that they are totally restricted and will be much better to avoid their consumption are as follows:
  • Fruits that you should eat are black grapes, plantains or bananas, avocados, kiwifruit, coconut, pomegranate, apricots.
  • As for the vegetables we find Zucchini, mushroom, fresh potato, mushrooms and chard.
  • Other foods that should be avoided are the defendants, such as sausages, sausages, cutlets of pork, bacon, as well as all kinds of fast foods, salt, nuts, fats, butter and the vast majority of bakery products, since usually contain large amounts of trans fats or hydrogenated.
Adequate water consumption should not be forgotten under any circumstances, since lack of liquids is one of the main causes for a renal failure occurs provided that if untreated in time in the right way can become very serious.
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