How to have a healthy colon

Intestinal health is fundamental to our quality of life. Then discover what factors are the determinants when it comes to having a healthy intestine.
Cómo tener un colon saludable
The colon or large intestine is a very important part of the digestive system, although this is not responsible for digesting food, Yes is is responsible for expelling waste. In this way, when the colon is healthy, whole organism works properly, which provides a full and healthy life.
The evacuation of waste process is quite simple. Begin your journey in the small intestine, from which substances that the body must eliminate passed to the ascending colon and from there to the transverse colon, this is responsible for bringing them to the descending colon; such substances are processed in this place and go to the sigmoid colon and subsequently expelled through the rectum. If the colon is healthy, it can absorb nutrients effectively and eliminate toxins without a trace of them anywhere in the intestines.

Tips for maintaining a healthy colon

Colon irritable
  • Eat well. Maintaining a healthy diet is the best thing for the health of the colon and achieve their good performance, with implications for general health. The best foods to keep this part of the digestive system in perfect condition can be as follows: foods rich in fiber
    Whole grains
  • A good physical activity. Maintain a constant physical activity is essential for a healthy digestion, it is very important to keep in mind that when we have a lazy or slow digestive system toxins remain longer in the body which is not recommended from any point of view.
  • To maintain proper hydration. Drink the amount of water that is recommended, since it is important for helping the body to eliminate toxins, Lee also become much smoother, which facilitates their evacuation.
However, is very common that some people present irregularities in your digestive system caused by stress, changes in sleep schedules, or simply because they have to constantly travel. To help the body to eliminate some harmful debris that have been trapped in the gut, it is necessary to make a good colon cleansing (click here to find out the adequate cleaning) at least twice per month, for this there are to take into account that products based on oxygen, should be used since they do not cause irritation in the colon.
Remember to maintain good intestinal health, will allow you to maintain a better quality of life.
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