We change habits... talk about your joys!

Cambiemos costumbres… ¡Habla de tus alegrías!
We are sure that you also have this friend or that neighbor who is always talking about you of all the negative things that suggest you: of those so rebellious children, how bad that is the world of this headache that never, or even of how bad that gets along with his family...

Later, when you depart, notes that there is something that bothers you. You feel like a weight in your heart and a slight discomfort in your head. What is happening? You should know that the words laden with negativism tend to have side effects to say them and who listen to them. Let us some regret and that feeling that 'everything is wrong'.
Protect yourself from them and, more importantly, also focuses your thoughts to go always towards positivism, to which full of hopes and which can you offer hope. Worth to try!

Speaking of joys, it does not mean to ignore my sorrows

At all. Speaking of joys we are not hiding our sorrows. It is simply to guide our thoughts toward self-improvement, toward optimism. Let us take an example. You get home and tell your partner: how it hurts the head, this pain is going to kill me!
Ideally, before that reaffirm even to ourselves that this suffering is awful, is to transform that expression into something useful: "my head hurts, I'm going for a walk for sure that I got so". Are, as you can see, simple strategies for every day. Another example we have it on those people who, upon reaching home, talk for hours about how bad they are with their bosses, and even up to despise them or insult them.
This is not good since we do this is to further enhance our discomfort. If you feed problems with anger or negative words, they will be larger. What can we do? The most appropriate is to reach House and talk about the positive things that you have done, seen or thought during the day. Talk about your joys, your dreams. It will make you feel much better.

Half of the joy lies in talking about it

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This is an old proverb true. We are sure that you will always be more enjoyable to share your time with positive people who talk about their joys. Life seems much more easy, fun and happy.
This does not remove, in absolute, to ours also share problems, but should always be done from a constructive perspective and not "lamenting" (is that the world is determined to be unhappy! Is that everything bad happens to me!). We avoid this kind of expressions. If I was positivity and joy, I get whoever is with me to relax and receive this positive energy, and both went out winning. It is worth it!

How can I approach my day to day to these "cheers"?

We know it. It's never easy to talk about joy when our hearts feel sad or sorry. There are many problems which we have to overcome every day. We suffer disappointments, we have fears, anxieties... of how we can guide our thinking to always see the good things?
He reflects on these aspects:
1. understands that we all have problems, but everything can happen, and everything is cured. Your health and well-being are the most important. Properly manage these problems by setting ideas to solve them. If you focus only on the "negative" aspects of the problem, this is getting bigger. Approach it as something that you're going to overcome.
2. controlling the negative talk. Do you know what we mean with this expression? They are those that assail us, thoughts that dominate us continuously. They are phrases such as "you are not going to be able to", "that is not for you", "you don't know", "you do not deserve", "this will overcome...". It eliminates these thoughts, put a barrier and do not listen to them. It's just noise.
3. builds positive affirmations. If you wish, you can use a notebook to reorganize ideas. It is simply tell ourselves affirmations that offer us security, motivation and energy. "I'm going to be able with this", "I deserve to be happy and nothing is going to be with me."
It is not difficult. We assure you that guide our lives toward the good side of things is, on occasions, not only something recommended, but necessary. Try each day to talk about your joys. You will be noticing how, little by little, many walls are broken and you feel full, happy.
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